Understand your own health properly

Every person creates his or her world with his or her thoughts.

The invisible creates the visible. And the visible is always the manifestation of the invisible. And the invisible are our thoughts.

Why are there so many hospitals and health centers, so many drugs, so much medicine, a gigantic medical technology and drugs industry, and so many mental and physical illnesses in modern, Western civilization? Why are there so many prisons, so many police, government agencies, and also such an incredible number of air, sea, and land forces?

The answer is very simple. We are physiologically sick, even in our minds.

But why is it like that in these great, civilized countries?

Because we are ignorant of the real causes of this disease: of its philosophical, biological, moral and physiological roots. Why are we this ignorant? Because that’s how we were raised. Modern education does not develop the capacity for freedom, happiness and justice in man’s being. On the contrary, it renders human beings “professional”, that is, turns them into irrational slaves, cruel, simple-minded, attached to money.

Happiness or misery, sickness or health, freedom or enslavement: everything depends on our daily behavior and on our daily actions. These actions are dictated by our judgment, our consciousness, which in turn is evoked by our comprehension of the nature of the world and the infinite universe. But there is no school or university where we can learn how to judge, think and understand correctly and freely. Nowhere in the world are true values realized. All politicians and corporate bosses are telling us how the world has improved and how we have made more progress. They have forgotten the law of nature: the bigger the front, the bigger the back.

Life is infinitely interesting and wonderful. All beings (with only one exception: humans), birds, insects, fish, microbes, even the parasites live freely and happily in nature, never employed, never forced by others or themselves to do anything.

In nature there is not a single animal that goes to the doctor and collects its medicine with a prescription, there are no deer, crocodiles, giraffes, lions, snakes, elephants that work unhappily or for others or for money and draw wages, pay taxes and health insurance fees. Among all these creatures you will not find any rheumatic or diabetic, no asthmatic or cancerous predisposition, no kidney patients who have to undergo kidney dialysis every week, none with too high or too low blood pressure.

The reality is even more blatant than the imagination. Thick clouds of fear cover the world.

Is this the end of a great civilization, is it the beginning of a new one? Is civilization a nightmare? Even on the moon or on Mars, man’s miserable fate would remain the same if he did not succeed in unveiling his judgment and if he did not understand that all these antagonisms are synonyms. All human efforts are futile. They only end up at a goal that is diametrically opposed to the one being sought.

The misfortune of man is becoming greater and greater. The greatest bane is the fear of ruin by nuclear war. All this is the result of poor judgment, which determines our behavior.

When can we say that we are healthy?

The WHO (World Health Organization) provided a definition of the term “health” as early as 1948 in its constitution. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. () The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.”

Thus, according to this definition, if we are completely well, both physically and mentally, and in our interpersonal relationships, we are healthy.

Viewed individually, a person can be fully functional physically, but have psychological problems and live socially isolated. However, when we look at ourselves or our fellow human beings, we can quickly sense how strongly these three aspects of health interact. Our body reacts to stress, fears, and conflicts. Our mental activity decreases as soon as we become physically ill. Our social contacts can also suffer as a result.

Health is not the absence of illness, but rather a positive and creative state of physical, mental and spiritual life. Health is not something we obtain by protecting ourselves from or warding off disease. Health is a state in which we actively harmonize with our environment (homeostasis), enjoying our life with many other people. A state in which we are endlessly creating and always evolving.

I want to become healthy, says the sick person.

Please ask yourself a question: Why do you want to become healthy? To what end do you want to become healthy? This is a very important question. Because without answering this question correctly, you can never become healthy.

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    Violeta Amalia Pater

    I find interesting your dissertation and well deemed to be followed up for further explanations about why life gives us what it’s given and what are the reasons for humans unhappiness.
    Thank you!

  2. André Blank

    Hi Amalia. Did you signed in for the Newsletter? Weekly news. We will also soon start with the youtube channel in english and there will be interesting interviews. Warm regards, André.

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