Understand and apply beliefs correctly

A belief is the linguistic expression of something that someone believes in what someone thinks to be true. Beliefs in NLP are an expression of inner models that each person continuously designs and must constantly design in order to orientate himself in the world. Other terms for this are: beliefs, attitudes, belief, opinions.

What is a belief?

A belief is what we believe. It is our belief that we formulate in a sentence or a thought. We express our belief in a sentence or a thought. “I can’t do that” is a belief. Someone who believes they cannot do something expresses that belief in a sentence or a thought. If we see someone who is in a depressed mood and not talking to us, we might also say they are in a crisis of faith. He only believes in the bad. His belief in the bad represents his attitude.


I’m so fat, I can never lose so much weight and gain muscle and get healthy at the same time. I just can’t do that.


Yes that’s true. But only if that is your belief. If you think you cannot do something, then it is your reality.

Why do we have beliefs?

Why do people even have beliefs?

There are at least two types of knowledge. The “nature knowledge” and the “matrix knowledge”. Knowledge of nature is reserved for the self-proclaimed “elites” – the rulers – and the wise. The matrix knowledge is for the ruled – the lower classes – or “human cattle” as Henry Kissinger called them. Because real knowledge means freedom, independence, and power.


There are also people who say they don’t believe anything – or at least they don’t believe in God. Do these people have no beliefs? What do you answer these people?


You can’t say you don’t believe in God if you don’t even know that God. The most you can say is: I don’t know any God. But you cannot not believe something if you do not know what exactly you do not believe. Without this knowledge, your statement is just an unproven claim. Only when you really knew God and his power could you still say: I do not believe that this God is true. Even that would be just an unproven claim. However, if you could prove that there is no God, then only then could you say: I don’t believe in God. But I guarantee that you will be 70 years of age sooner before you can prove the non-existence of God. “I don’t believe in God” is not a good belief. From now on, I recommend that you no longer say: “I do not believe in God”, but rather say: “The existence of God is still outside the limits of my beliefs.”


What is the difference between a knowledge sentence and a belief sentence?


I can know “something” – for example a false doctrine – without thinking that this knowledge is my belief.
But I cannot believe “something” without a doubt and at the same time think that this belief is not knowledge.

How do beliefs arise?

The ancient Japanese masters had a tenet: Shin-Do-Fu-Ji. Man is the result of his environment. A young boy growing up in a community led by healthy men will develop differently than a young boy growing up in a community led by healthy women. A little girl growing up in a community led by unhealthy men will develop differently than in a community of unhealthy women. We are the result of our environment – which means – we are transformed soul-spiritual and physical nourishment. A person who grows up in India eats the Indian Yin food (only applies traditionally), gets to know the rules of this corresponding region of the earth and develops accordingly. A person who grows up in Kazakhstan eats the Kazakh yang food (applies only traditionally), gets to know the rules of this corresponding region of the earth and develops accordingly.

Beliefs in other languages and cultures

How do other cultures explain a belief in their language? A belief is an inner attitude that something is the case, or that a statement about the world is true.

We recognize the beliefs in languages:

language rhetoric Belief
The Germans Earn money (serve) I make my money
The American to make money I make my money
The English to earn money (reap) I reap my money
The French gagner de l’argent (win) I win my money
The Italians fare cassa I make my money
The Spaniards gañar dinero I win my money
The Hungarians pénzt keres I am looking for my money

Those who love their work will adapt their beliefs accordingly. I know that I will sow my seeds and then I can harvest. I am in confidence. The farmer doesn’t go back to his fields the next day after sowing and says – now I’ll sow again – double-sewn is better, or double-sown is safer. No. He is in confidence. It is a law of nature that teaches us: We can only harvest what we sow beforehand.

Beliefs and Proverbs

The German language has a really comprehensive treasure trove of proverbs and doctrines. I call these proverbs wisdom or life experiences.
We use this wisdom, often without consciously knowing where it comes from. Proverbs, wisdom and life experiences are beliefs. If we didn’t believe them, we wouldn’t say them either.

Here are some popular proverbs:

  • Exceptions prove the rule.
  • Haughtiness comes before the event.
  • After that no rooster crows.
  • All that glitters is not gold.
  • Better to have a sparrow in hand than a pigeon on the roof.
  • German’s punctuality is five minutes ahead of time.
  • Practice creates masters.
  • Anyone who digs a pit for others will fall into it themselves.

Beliefs – Gurus versus Way Masters

A guru teaches:

“You can’t believe that? Then it is high time to change your beliefs! “

I warn you:

Beware of such requests! Every guru works with precisely such tenets.

I believe:

For nothing it is “high time” to take over anything before we understand it. Exactly this attitude from blind-over take produces phonographs only. I am not asking you to immediately take over my “teaching”. I recommend that you study my “teaching” … and only adopt what you understand.

A signpost is not a guide.

He only shows the way: here to sick and here to well … and leaves every honest seeker free to choose …. to go this way, or to look for another way.
As a path master, I can show you where the different paths lead … and give you the freedom of choice …

A path master is a “guide person” and not a “herd person”. A way-master does not make his way dependent on whether the majority precedes him.
A path master is an example and not a copy. A guru sells everything the buyer pays for, and unfortunately not just what is healthy. But you can already see the attitude of the seller from such details. He also sells his conscience for money.

External controlled beliefs

We should differentiate between true auto-suggestion – which I recommend – and foreign suggestion, which I do not recommend.

First, understand the principle of what auto-suggestion is and how it works, and only then apply it consciously. Likewise, understand the principle of foreign suggestion, and then consciously do not apply it.

Then we can decide whether we want to use rhetoric to recognize rhetorical manipulations (newspeak and third-party suggestion) – which I recommend – instead of using rhetorical manipulations to outsmart the other – which I don’t recommend.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming or thought manipulation) is foreign suggestion. We don’t need NLP. We act through nature knowledge. NLP is necessary for leaders that lean on nose-ringing. True masters of the journey and path through life use nature knowledge. What you suggest to yourself is auto-suggestion and not foreign suggestion. The difference between the two is crucial. A health advisor should be a path master – guide master – and not a nose ring guide – not a guru. There is an artificial hierarchy between a disciple and his guru. There is a natural hierarchy between a disciple and his path-master. The Guru ensures that the disciples always remain under him. The path master assists the disciple to also move “up”.

This is the same difference as with auto-suggestion versus foreign suggestion. And how with the application of rhetoric. People are just not supposed to learn individual and isolated sentences by heart. No matter whether with external suggestion or with auto-suggestion. Before people suggest individual theorems to themselves, it is crucial that they understand the principle sufficiently. Otherwise, even with auto-suggestion, there is a risk that we suggest nonsense to ourselves and believe nonsense. Auto-suggestion only makes sense when someone sufficiently understands the principle.

With the belief of the “incurable disease(s)” I surrender defenselessly to the unchangeable fate, without realizing that this belief was implanted by the rulers and is a foreign suggestion. With the belief “This disease is determined by the genes” I surrender defenselessly to the unchangeable fate without realizing that this belief was implanted by the rulers and is a foreign suggestion. With the belief “only a doctor can cure me” I surrender defenselessly to the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, without realizing that this belief was implanted by the rulers and is a suggestion from others.

We can study all of these externally decreed beliefs and will always find that all these externally decreed beliefs should apply to the ruled, but the rulers never adhere to them themselves. The “herd”, however, should be “formed” in such a way that it adheres to it. There are massive amounts of externally controlled beliefs being implanted, such as: that the government wants to help people, that they are better, that conventional medicine wants to help the patients, that they stay healthy, that compulsory schooling is necessary so that children learn the “right thing” that the military, the police, the judiciary, psychiatry, etc. only want the best for the herd – without this elite, dependent.


Many NLP gurus teach their students “language creates awareness”. Is this right?


This is about as wrong as the “murder makes a thought” belief. To do this, we need to know – our mind (consciousness) directs the body. Consciousness creates language – and language influences our consciousness.

Ideas (minds) precede every invention. Thoughts (mind) create matter in this way. And thoughts can also influence the body in the same way – in the negative, but also in the positive direction – that is, make it sick or heal it. That is why there are always stories about self-healing, solely through mental abilities and about the healing power of thoughts.

Healthy people have healthy consciousness – that is why they are healthy. Sick people have a sick consciousness – that’s why they are sick.

For a better understanding, here is another example from practice:

Anyone who says that the mind is more powerful than the body … which I also believe … should also use this spiritual power to keep the body as healthy as possible. Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

God gave us our life with a physical body. Our physical body is made up of flesh and blood, bones, muscles and organs. So, one after the other:

  1. Our organs are made up of our cells
  2. Our cells are formed by our blood
  3. Our blood is produced by the physical food we eat

Our physical body is food that has been transformed: our food is what produces our blood. Our blood forms our cells. Our cells form our organs.

– and if we work backwards –

Our organs cannot be healthier than the cells that make up the organs. Our cells cannot be healthier than the blood these cells make. Our blood cannot be healthier than the food that our blood makes. Our food cannot be healthier than our consciousness which chooses food.

Now the bridge has been built to help us understand how important our awareness and the will to make the right food choices are for our health.

It is always our consciousness that makes the decisions. And it is precisely this consciousness that selects and formulates language.

We are always responsible (mea culpa) for all of our decisions. This is especially true for our spiritual, psychological and physical health.

How do beliefs affect our lives?

A belief that is widespread: I met a friend by chance after 10 years in the city. Well what do people think, who make such statements? These people have no rational explanation for this event, which has just fallen to them. For them it is inexplicable, in fact for almost no reason.


What is a coincidence?


Coincidences are cases that Reiner constructed for us on a case-by-case basis (a little joke ,-)).

Coincidence is the official name – for people in the Matrix Prison – for an unrecognized law of “cause and effect”.

For free people who have knowledge of nature, the explanation is as follows: Everything is coincidence. Coincidence means that something has happened to us. It is now the case that everything only falls to us when we are ready for it. That is the law of resonance. This is karma.

Examples of beliefs in the low frequencies

In the following I will show you some beliefs in the lower frequency ranges.

  • I’m too young
  • I’m too old.
  • I have no life experience.
  • I can never do that.
  • Nobody has done that before.
  • I am to stupid.
  • I am too weak.

Examples of beliefs in in the high frequencies

  • I am strong
  • I am always the right age to manifest all of my dreams – within my beliefs
  • I have the real belief
  • I can do everything
  • I’ve already won
  • I’m having a good day, I’m healthy
  • I have a good life, I am grateful

Examples of positive and negative beliefs

Health beliefs:

Beliefs in low frequencies Beliefs in high frequencies
Disease(s) are genetic – nothing I can do about it I am healthy and I am grateful for it
Nobody is completely healthy I feel healthy and fit
Everyone gets sick in old age I am responsible for my own health
Only the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry can help me Me and my faith are the master of my health
Diet does not play a major role My healthy diet keeps me healthy
Today there are no organic products at all I eat healthy products
I’m always sick anyway – it runs in the family With my healthy approach to life, I stay healthy

Beliefs in the area of self-love:

Beliefs in low frequencies Beliefs in high frequencies
I am not attractive enough I am beautiful and my heart exudes joy
I am unable to relate – everything fails for me I am happy and love myself and my partner
I never find a suitable partner I love myself – that attracts the best partner
Nobody loves me – I’m not worth it I am full of love and light – I am valuable
My family doesn’t believe in me
My family loves me and I am full of gratitude
I am not respected by other people I live in harmony and other people love me
I am very lonely and alone I love myself, I am in my midst

How do beliefs affect our lives?

Belief not only affects our body functions. Our bodies react as if what the mind believes were true. In addition, your behavior is significantly shaped by your convictions and your beliefs. Once we have firmly anchored a really firm belief in ourselves, then even massive information to the contrary does not disturb us.

We just ignore them or think they are wrong. The described mechanisms of generalization, deletion and distortion can also be used for this. Some people even believe they have to change the whole world just so that their beliefs are correct.

Faith as big as a mustard seed

The (or my) true belief is as great as the belief of a mustard seed. With true faith, all things are possible for you. But Jesus answered and spoke to them, “For the sake of your unbelief. For verily I say unto you, If you have faith like a mustard seed, you may say to this mountain: Mountain rise and go into the sea! So he will rise and go into the sea. And everything will be possible for you.”

The consequences of beliefs

What you BELIEVE, the state of your awareness and your attitude, will also determine your reality. When you doubt, those doubts determine your reality, because then you believe your doubts. You can bring your consciousness into resonance with the areas you want … and thus experience the reality you want … With true FAITH all things are possible for you. And if we have expanded our faith frontier far enough, anything will be possible for us.


What is the difference between reality and reality?


Reality is created through external suggestion. Reality is created through auto-suggestion.
If I bring my consciousness into resonance with my areas, it is not an external suggestion, but an auto-suggestion – and therefore not reality, but reality.

How can I find my own beliefs?

With this question you already give yourself the answer. Everyone happens according to their beliefs. This natural law reads: It happens to you according to your belief. Otherwise it would be: What happens to you according to my faith. That would be someone else’s suggestion and I don’t want that. Find your own beliefs. He who seeks finds.

How can beliefs be changed?

If I know that every belief can be changed again, then I have to think about how I can change the externally controlled beliefs so that they actually help me to live my life the way I want it to.

  • I can change the externally controlled belief “A disease is incurable” into “There are no incurable disease(s)”.
  • The belief “This disease is determined by the genes” can be changed into “The mind controls the body and the genes”.
  • I can transform the belief “Only a doctor can cure me” into “Nature has given me self-healing powers”.

If I also know – and understand – that the mind directs the body and not the other way around, if I also know – and understand – the law of nature:

  • What you BELIEVE, the state of your awareness and your attitude, will also determine your reality. When you doubt, those doubts determine your reality, because then you believe your doubts.
  • You can bring your consciousness into resonance with the areas you want – in fulfillment – and thus feel and experience the fulfillment you want with gratitude.
  • To him who has true faith, all things will be possible!

I keep pointing out the psychological aspects of every illness and the fact that being healthy and the holistic healing process always includes the soul. Because it is she who can activate the self-healing powers in a very special way.

Unfortunately, this often goes under. And it is not uncommon for us to see how people really do everything perfectly: The diet, a sports program, the right food supplements, massages, detoxification cures, eight precisely measured hours of sleep and nothing but the best natural cosmetics, and are still unhappy.

But what use is it to take into account all the external details when in reality one is unhappy? Unhappy because you don’t get along with your partner, unhappy because you are not valued, because you feel exploited, because you are bored or bullied at work and would actually do something completely different.

With the help of plenty of distraction (TV, internet, consumption, work, drugs or other distractions) everything that does not fit is successfully suppressed. Otherwise one would have to deal with the grievances in one’s own life and – what is the worst – change something. But that is inconvenient. It is better to keep the misfortune that we already know so well than to embark on a journey into the unknown.

Eventually it could get worse … or as Karl Valentin put it so well: Hopefully it won’t be as bad as it already is.

And the body does something: It gets sick – to shake people awake.

Of course it is not “only” the dissatisfied soul and the unfavorable living conditions that lead to illness (s) and weaken the self-healing powers. Usually several factors play a role, including diet and general lifestyle. But the soul is ALWAYS involved, and it is very often the soul that prevents one from getting well again – as long as we do not change.

Change techniques for beliefs

The best way to change beliefs is to study and understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe:
A law of nature teaches us:

My mind (my consciousness) guides my body. What I believe – how my consciousness and my attitude are – so is my reality. When I doubt, I believe my doubts, and then my doubts become my reality.

Beliefs full of heart and light

  • I live in JOY and CALM. I am full of JOY and LOVE.
  • I DREAM and feel in the high vibrational areas.
  • I receive and give kindness, goodwill, affection and generosity.
  • I receive and give Sincerity, Confidence and Compassion.
  • I live in FREEDOM and PEACE. I am infinite consciousness.
  • I am the center of the universe.
  • I am in the LIGHT.

Here is a podcast on the area: Heart-Luminous Beliefs.

What is my most important belief?

First win then start. How can I win first before I start? That’s a good question. Good questions deserve good answers. If you want to learn everything about beliefs, treat yourself to the book InYology – the detailed teaching of Yin and Yang.

Sources and books

INYOLOGY – The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

The power of manipulation – From rhetoric to MK-Ultra

InYology - The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

InYology is a magical compass to understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe.

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