The secrets of health – for body, mind and soul

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Number of pages: 528
Size: 17.00 cm × 24.00 cm
Weight: 1.164 kg
ISBN: 978-3-907212-18-9
1st edition 2023

The secrets of health

Whoever claims that the mind is more powerful than the body… which I also believe… should use this mental power to maintain the body’s optimal health. Otherwise, this wisdom remains ineffective.


This book is an introduction to the principles of health and, consequently, peace, based on an understanding of natural order.


We are always personally responsible (mea culpa) for all our decisions. This particularly applies to our mental, emotional, and physical health.


Sick individuals have a sick consciousness; otherwise, they would be healthy. Healthy individuals have a healthy consciousness; that’s why they are healthy.


One thing should be clear: we can only reap what we have sown. So, instead of asking doctors and the pharmaceutical industry what they can do for us, we should ask ourselves what we can do for nature because nature gives us back exactly what we have sown in it. That is mea culpa.


Embark on the adventure of health and discover and understand the forgotten principles of nature, as well as the truth about nutrition and joy of life.

It’s about you, your quality of life, your productivity, and your healthy living.


Weight 1.164 kg
Dimensions 17.00 × 24.00 cm


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