Illustration: The inexhaustible QI source

The principles of letting QI flow

“From the ‘nothing’, ‘QI’ was born as a unique energy. This in turn gave birth to the great Yin and the great Yang.” This is what the ancient Taoist masters say.

What is QI?

QI, which can also be described as flowing life force, is present everywhere in nature, in the universe, and shows itself in all living things in the form of change and movement. This QI is the primordial energy for all life – and every transformation – in this universe. Every life process, every organ function is an expression of the action and movement of the QI. Ohne QI gibt es keine Bewegung, keinen Gedanken, keinen emotionalen Ausdruck und kein Leben. According to Far Eastern philosophy, the whole universe (Taikyoku) and all appearances in this universe are made up of QI. I interpret QI as “the purest primal form of energy”.

Terms for: QI, Chi, KI, Prana, Fluidum, universal energy etc.

There are many names for QI. Here is a list of other spiritual ideas and cultures:

KI Japan Shintoism
QI China Daoism
Prana India (Hinduism) Hinduism
Lung Tibet  
Mana Polynesia  
Ruach Israel Judaism
Pneuma Ancient Greece  
Baraka middle East Islam
Inua Polar regions Indigenous peoples
Wakȟáŋ North America Sioux-Indianer
Manitu North America Algonquin Indians
Orenda North America Irokesen-Indianer
Pokunt North America Shoshone Indians
Mauala North America Kwakiutl Indians
Sgana North America Haida Indians

New terms for QI:

  • Vitalism (vis vitalis)
  • Life energy
  • Orgone

The character for QI.

illustration of kanji for qi
Figure: Kanji for QI

Qi gong

Qigong, in common German spelling also Chigong, is a Chinese meditation, concentration and movement form for the cultivation of body and mind. Martial arts exercises are also understood by it. The practice includes breathing exercises, physical and movement exercises, concentration exercises and meditation exercises. The exercises are designed to harmonize and regulate the flow of QI in the body.

The origins of the exercises go back a long way, with Zhuangzi already suggesting certain forms, and silk images from the time of the Han Dynasty. The name Qigong was used for the first time by the Daoist Xu Xun from the Jin period and has since referred to certain exercises in martial arts. In the history of China this practice has always played an important role as a health care, but it was also used for religious-spiritual purposes, especially in Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, and was handed down in the monasteries. The name Qigong for these exercises has only been used since the 1950s and the different styles of Qigong are partly completely new developments, which are based on traditions that are thousands of years old.

In the 1950s the name Qigong was used for these health exercises by the doctor Liu Guizhen, who used traditional techniques in his work to promote and stabilize the body’s energy balance and to treat symptoms of illness.

What is the advantage of consciously letting QI flow?

When we are planning a trip to take a ship out on the high seas, we first check a number of things: whether the rudder is damaged in any way, whether the engine is in good condition, whether the ship is leaking anywhere. Only when we are convinced that everything is in order do we feel safe enough and start our journey.

If we didn’t – we’d have to deal with the symptoms of our mistakes on the high seas.

It is the same with human life. At birth we set sail in the rough waters of the human world.

When we are young, our parents, relatives and friends look after and protect us. Trusting in others, we unconsciously live in safety, and when we grow up, all the responsibility is transferred to ourselves. We become the captain of our own ship and have to sail independently.

May others give us helpful or less helpful recommendations, or support us in some other way, the responsibility for the voyage rests with ourselves and we have to know exactly the characteristics and the power of the ship we are steering. We also need to be able to check all the parts ourselves to see if there are any problems.

A look at people today reveals a situation full of problems. People do not realize the situation they are in.

Without an anchor, they drift disoriented in an undesired direction and the machine goes crazy. You are already sick in your consciousness and therefore also physically. Your breakdown is imminent. You have lost your rudder and your compass, the ship is leaking, your strength has waned, and you are in great danger of drowning in the raging waves of the world.

We have to reflect on all of our abilities and possibilities, and carefully examine all the details. Let us let our innate strength emerge, let us organize our existence, and let us make something fantastic out of the ship, with which we can weather the storms of our lives.

So let’s go into contemplation and think! Not with your head or your stomach. But with all your senses. We shouldn’t separate between the head and the stomach. Let all your senses work holistically.

What is human life and where does it come from? When asked where you came from before you were born, you will answer: from your parents. These parents also had parents, and if we go back and study further like this, we come to the right answers there as well.

When I ask where life came from before the creation of man, the only answer we find is: from the universe. In this case, our own life also comes from the universe. If I ask you, what were you before you grew up? You will answer, “I was a child.” And before you were a child? “An infant.” And before? “An embryo.”

And when I ask you, what were you before you were an embryo? The union of an egg from your mother and a sperm from your father. Where did these come from? When your parents were kids, they weren’t able to produce eggs and sperm. They only acquired the ability to do so when they reached sexual maturity. Through our consciousness we gain the ability to make who we are out of air, water and food, among other things.

We are born of the universe through our consciousness – via our parents.

This chain of thought leads us to the conclusion that not only human beings, but also every tree, every blade of grass, all animals, all stones, all mountains, the water and the air were born from the universe. What is more, they have always existed without a break – without beginning and without end.

When a person is in a happy mood, he sees everything pink, has no doubts, and life is simple. However, life is not all highs, there are also severe crises, and joy is followed by depression. In these times of crisis, many feel lonely and cut off from the universe.

You are the never-ending source of QI

We can continue to invest our energy in the low frequencies, which pull us even further down into depression and loneliness – or we can invest all of our energy in the high frequencies and so we fill our areas more and more with positive energy and rise up the low frequencies.

With this picture you can see the principle of letting QI flow. As long as you let QI flow, no fear can flow into you. As soon as your QI source dries up, the low frequencies can enter you to pull you down into the deep demonic frequency ranges.

You will then find yourself again in areas such as:


abbildung: die unversiegbare qi-quelle
Abbildung: Die unversiegbare QI-Quelle

Fear is generated from Yang energy – centripetal and restrictive. The QI flow stagnates. Faith is generated from Yin energy – centrifugal and liberating. The QI flow is in the flow.

As long as you consciously let QI flow, the dirty swamp QI cannot flow into your good QI source!

You will then find yourself again in areas such as:


To help you understand the universal energy QI even more, I will show you the 4 principles of the unity of body and mind of the Aikido master Koichi Tohei 1920- 2011.

QI principles according to Koichi Tohei

4 basic principles of the unity of mind and body

These basic principles form the basis of QI Aikido.

  1. Relax completely
  2. Keep your weight down
  3. Hold one point
  4. Let the QI flow

I want to break down each point so you can implement them better.

Point number 1:
Relax completely. Many can not relax and do not know what true relaxation. Don’t confuse being relaxed with being limp. There is tension and relaxation. You can practice relaxation as follows: Tense all the muscles in your body to the maximum, for about one minute. Then you let go of this tension. This exercise helps you to understand tension – Yang – and thus to achieve relaxation – Yin. True relaxation is the strongest state that can never be surpassed by muscle strength – but only if you consciously let QI flow in this relaxed state. Only then are you completely relaxed. Relaxation without consciously letting QI flow at the same time does not mean relaxed, but flabby and powerless.

If you tense all the muscles in your body, are you able to act? No. Fear is always tension. Stress is just one form of fear, too. Only in a relaxed state can we react intuitively and quickly and correctly. Be relaxed.

Point number 2:
your weight down. According to the law of gravity, the weight of all things points downward and inward. If this is not the case, then we have unnatural tension in the body.
How can you keep your weight down and inward?
Stand stable, slightly wider than hip-width with feet parallel. Do not bend your knees, but relax your knees, they should not be fully extended. Now imagine a burdock root growing in the soil and anchoring itself stably. You are connected to mother earth through your feet and are stable. Not rigid. Stable is maximally flexible and therefore strong.

Point number 3:
“Hold the one point”. “The one point” is about three fingers below the navel – in the Hara area. You should concentrate your mind on this point. In order to let your mind become infinitely calm, you can keep reducing the one point in your mind until you can no longer imagine it. And it is exactly from this – concentrated – QI area that you should consciously let your QI flow outwards. This own “mini-source” then fills up simultaneously, automatically and always with new QI from the inexhaustible QI-source in the universe. So you will always get enough QI.

Point number 4:
QI is the universal life energy, the basic unit of all phenomena. The more QI you give, the same amount of QI you can take in again and again – free of charge, as a gift from the Great Spirit.
However, when this exchange is impeded, loss of vitality, depression, or general poor health results. To become one with the QI of the universe, you must first unite mind and body.

Can we let QI flow with the body or with the mind?

We path-masters can only let QI flow with our thoughts. We can only see and feel the effect physically.

I always explain “QI flowing” for beginners with the example of how water flows – only now instead of water energy, pure thought energy. I explain it with the example of your arm being a fire hose. When there is no water flowing in the hose – through the arm – it is soft and floppy. As soon as water flows at high pressure through the fire hose – through the arm – they can no longer bend it. And then also no dirt can flow into the tube – body, thoughts. Letting QI flow consciously is also an excellent protection against fear. This also shows how powerful thoughts are, what power thoughts have. Much more powerful than physical strength, in fact. The physical body cannot mobilize such a force as the thought-force. Anyone who doubts this should prove the opposite. We martial arts masters can show proof of our QI teaching at any time.


Ein weiterer wichtiger Aspekt ist die Klarheit. Everything that we do and decide we should do completely without a doubt. We have to live with the choices we make without regrets. When we make decisions, we always have to be aware of the consequences.

If you sit, then sit. If you stand, then stand. Whatever you do, do it consciously with the right posture – never sway!

Why is rhetoric so important?

Many form beliefs like: I am not afraid, I am not sick. Or want to help their friends and say, “You don’t have to be sad, you don’t get sick, you don’t have to be scared.”

We should not form negatively worded sentences like: I am not in fear. I am not sick etc.

Don’t think of a red Ferrari now. What are you thinking about now? A red Ferrari?

Human consciousness is on that “Yes” programmed. Negations can only be processed by the human brain via detours. Negations are negations, for example the words “not” and “no” are involved.

How does this knowledge help you?

Try to present your statements positively! You will be surprised how simple and successful your messages can be and how your environment suddenly reacts positively to them. You will experience significantly fewer communication misunderstandings and enjoy dealing with other people more!

Examples of positive beliefs:
I am in confidence. I’m healthy. I’m having a good day.

Before anything else and at all costs, study the order of the universe

Then we can unveil our judgment – our consciousness – and interpret the changes correctly. Those who obey the laws of nature with their conscience are always on the right path. Those who obey the “legal rules of the game” with their conscience will fall into the abyss. Whoever sacrifices freedom to maintain security will in the end lose both. However, trust in the natural order defeats fear of the abyss.

For the most part, the system media only send negative and terrifying messages, which are also remedied according to the manipulators’ taste. That is why it takes people with strong heart QI, healthy people with clear, upright, honest minds.

I teach and disseminate knowledge of nature in order to help people, to support them and to reunite the one world family.

Sei Du die unversiegbare QI-Quelle:

Of joy, love, dignity, dreams, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, affection, generosity, sincerity, compassion, gratitude, faith, health, freedom, trust, peace.

Sources and books

INYOLOGY – The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

InYology - The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

InYology is a magical compass to understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe.

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