The family is the oldest community of humankind

The family is the oldest and most natural community of humankind. It is the order of the universe itself. Family is the place where human life can realise its physical continuity, where it is loved and nourished and guided on the path to healthy physical, mental and spiritual development.

Ever since human beings have lived on this earth – in other words, since forever – the family has provided the thread from which the web of human culture is spun.

After we have physically left this planet, our children and descendants will continue to live here. Providing them with the basis for a healthy and creative life is the most important privilege we have as parents.

The creation of a healthy family is the work of God. The family is a reflection – or fractal – of the universe and the process of creation through which all life comes into being. We all cherish the memories of a happy family life. The warmth and love that prevail between mother and father, between parents and children, as well as among siblings, cannot be found anywhere else.

Until recently, most people lived in a dark, difficult world, where the rule of the lower vibrational realms was exercised over people and the earth by means of fear, violence, poisoning and destruction. This is all about to change… and is already changing at an exponentially increasing speed – so fast that some are asking, “When is something finally going to change … ?”

Strong, healthy families and bright, happy, loving children are needed now more than ever. Children who benefit from a macrobiotic upbringing are empowered to inspire and lead humanity on the path to a bright future filled with love and joy.

People who share physical and spiritual nourishment of similar quality are like members of an extended family, regardless of where they live.

Let’s start with ourselves and our immediate family, and then invite all people to become members of the global human family on earth.

In the future, our sense of family unity can expand to include everyone on this planet. Our spiritual connections can also reach back to our ancestors through thousands of countless generations and reach forward to countless generations of descendants.

Our sense of home and belongings can expand to ultimately encompass the whole earth and any wider area.

People can show one another love, understanding and trust, and be free to realize their innermost aspirations.

The method of achieving this is simple. It is based on love for nature, the universe, other people and all beings. Let us believe that in the future all people will again follow this path and thus make love and peace a reality on our beautiful planet.

Man and woman
Man and woman are antagonisms and that is why they “attract” each other. If the energy potentials between two partners are too “equal”, they repel each other and it leads to separation. Even in homosexual relationships, one part is always “the man” and the other part “the woman”. If the energy potentials are too “equal”, there are “male friendships” or “female friendships” that get along very well and like to “socialize”, but that is not sexual “attraction”.

The following applies to men and women alike:
The most important thing is to be dauntless – that is, to be free from fear. The character should preferably also possess the following qualities: rigor, reliability, ability to adapt and develop, zeal, punctuality, courage, generosity and tolerance. Healthy people wake up early in the morning with a clear head and radiant appearance. Neither of them heavily consume alcohol or sweets. Their feet must be secure and firm on the ground. Their shoes wear out horizontally (that is, neither on the sides, nor in the back, nor in the front), otherwise they do not meet the above requirements.

Man and woman work together and it is the combined judgment of both that goes into creating a happy family. Togetherness is the most important thing. This is because a happy family can only be created through cooperation and the joint effort of both parties. If the partners do not work together – do not share the same worldview, the home of happiness becomes a graveyard.

Isn’t it more pleasant to pick up a tool and serve as a “worker in the factory of happiness” than to live in the graveyard? The family is THE “factory” of happiness.

Let’s sow the seeds of peace and prosperity for the future generations.

As the way master LaoTse taught:
I becomes II and II become III. And the III create all phenomena.

Allow me to translate:
I am a creator being. You are a creator being. From me and you, a family with children will be created. The family is the most important COMMUNITY – and the foundation of every society.

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