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Industrial processed foods and foods

Industrially processed foods no longer “live” and are at most just food – so it is more like “dead food” or “dead food” because it no longer has any nutritional value. Caution is therefore advised with industrially processed foods.

The food industry has long recognized that sweets and fats taste particularly good, are addicting and are therefore popular with people to buy. Special “food designers” spend the whole day working on how human taste can be stimulated (addictive) in such a way that the customer buys even more of the product. When that is done, the advertising department (manipulation) comes into play to trick us into believing that the day can hardly be survived without cola drinks, nut nougat creams and small snacks. It’s hardly for addicts either. Without these products there is a risk of the worst withdrawal symptoms. Typical addictive behavior shows up in the form of excuses like, I’m certainly not addicted to sugar. If one compares alcoholics with sugar holics, one finds the same patterns in a nutshell. The alcoholic cannot live without alcohol. The sugar holic cannot live without sugar. Both say of themselves, I am definitely not dependent … You have to say that because that is part of the pattern.

The pinnacle of “dumbing down the people” is the “no fat” printing on packaging, such as gummy bears and other sweets. The fact that sugar in the organism is converted into fat, that children are already confronted with diagnoses such as fatty liver, they do not mention. Some of these products contain so much sugar that one bag covers the calorie requirement for half a day. But of course there is nothing about it on the packaging. A different advertising print can only provoke fits of laughter in every consumer: The garish label “Carbohydrate-free” on some snack snacks made of fried bacon crusts.

But most of these attempts at deception are more difficult when designations such as “light”, “natural” or similar decorate the labels. The consequences of this “brainwashing”: Almost 20% of our food energy now comes from sugar, 40% from fat. For example, our ancestors, who still largely produced their own food, only had a fat content of 15%.

But the ready meals are not better either: ultra high-temperature, irradiated, cut up, put together and reheated. The vital substances are destroyed and we pour the can into the saucepan or slide the pack into the microwave. Then there is dead food and dead food on the plate – nothing is fresh about it and vital substances are nil. Just loads of empty calories! Empty calories = empty heads.

In addition to the chemicals with the famous E numbers, there are also risks that come from the packaging materials, and not just for the environment!

Plastics release plasticizers, which we absorb and thus mess up our hormone balance. The disruptors even endanger the development of the child in the womb. In addition, chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates are carcinogenic.

The food industry also enjoys another privilege under food law: They do not have to declare the origin of their raw materials like the providers of fresh food. Well, German and European food can already have “enough” chemical residues. The height of cheek is glyphosate, which we get donated by Monsato’s grace. The blatant thing is that organic products are sold more expensive than poisoned products. This is also intended by the system. The broad spectrum herbicide Roundup is only really economically interesting in countries that allow the cultivation of genetically modified foods (genetically modified organisms, GMOs). The loophole in food law is a practical way for food corporations to inject artificial mutants into us without our even knowing it. Only in the case of processed corn and soy products can we almost certainly assume that we are consuming genetically manipulated foods. I strongly recommend that you buy only organic corn and soy. Even if it’s just a pack of popcorn corn. Otherwise you can assume that you are swallowing GM maize. Nobody with understanding wants that.

Even if the pesticides in our regions are bad enough, it looks much worse in other parts of the world. Herbicides, insecticides and antibiotics are handled much more carelessly there than in Germany, also because chemicals are permitted that have long been banned here. And where can you hide foods of dubious origin particularly well? In industrial food, of course!

The pretty sushi in plastic tuppers could well be radioactive waste. Rice from the Fukushima region becomes a real export hit as hazardous waste. Just by the way, when someone tells me, “Hey, I ate sushi last night, I feel so good because sushi is very healthy”. Then I say about it; Sushi is one of the most unhealthy things you can eat. For sushi, white rice is used that is sweetened with household sugar. The nori algae sheets come from the cheapest Russia and China “breeding”. The tuna is completely poisoned by heavy metals. The sushi daikon (radish) is soaked in sugar sugar, the wasabi paste is simple horseradish powder, table salt, cheapest corn oil, coloring agent E133 and sugar, the industrially “naturally” produced soy sauce is not fermented from whole soybeans, it is a broth made from soybean meal, hybrid glyphosate-GMO wheat, sugar, ethyl alcohol, brandy vinegar and color. And then people wonder if they develop allergy (symptoms).

In the same way, we can analyze over 90% of all food in stores. Most foods are unhealthy fillers that make you sick.

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