Overcoming degeneration back to health

The most important contribution to a peaceful world is natural and balanced nutrition for all people. Sick people behave sick and make sick decisions. Healthy people behave healthy and make healthy decisions.

Due to a lack of understanding of the relationship between dietary habits and physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems, our modern world has fallen into a state of confusion and disorder on a broad scale. Neither in the capitalist, nor in the communist, nor in the non-aligned countries was a solid solution allowed to prevent the possible extinction of people through internal biological degeneration and the potential annihilation of humanity through an external attack.

This is because all of the states mentioned are ruled by the same “elite”.
Needless to say, there are many other factors besides eating habits that influence human development, but diet in relation to natural climatic conditions is the most important of all these components. It directs, motivates and interacts with other factors. Therefore, without improving one’s eating habits, man will not attain personal health and happiness, and without improving the eating habits of society, peace and harmony will not be realized in the whole world.

Life is the creator of eternal happiness, infinite freedom and absolute justice. The disease is the evidence of the violation of the order of the universe. Each individual is the author of his illness and its victim. In exactly the same way everyone can be the author of their own happiness. He just has to learn the only principle – the order of the universe – and understand it sufficiently.

Man is a very strange creature. He has everything. Even before he was born, everything he needed had been ready for millions of years: sun, stars, planets, air, day and night, the seasons, energies, magnetism, insects, birds, fish, flowers, the seas etc. And that’s not all. He has his body and soul, his judgment, his memory as well as his will. He is the most perfect in this universe. Without knowing it, he has infinite happiness. But he is looking for finite happiness, pleasure, wealth, power, honor, knowledge, violence, weapons.

He doesn’t know that all of this is illusory, ephemeral, useless. Everyone without exception becomes a sinner in the long run. Man is by nature the smartest, strongest and happiest of all creatures, but he makes every effort to become the most foolish, weakest and most unhappy. The civilization of man is the greatest fragmentation, the greatest loss of time, the waste of life or self-destruction.

According to naturopathy, we distinguish between two healing methods:

Symptom treatment
Elimination of symptoms. Clinical healing by means of drugs and massive chemistry, surgery, sedatives, the disappearance and suppression of symptoms through symptomatic methods, the suppression of any warning signals, palliative, physical, violent sham therapy. Modern medicine seeks this “cure” at all costs. I also call it symptomatic treatment (sham health). A disease “cured” in this way will come back or reappear in another form. Because basically there is only one basic illness: The original sin, ignorance of the laws of nature, a denial and suppression of the Mea Culpa (through my fault).

Cause treatment
Educational healing, the improvement of judgment that enables people to exercise and maintain control over their physical, emotional and spiritual health. That is the real medicine of man. Treatment through proper diet and lifestyle. The disease is not seen as an enemy, but as a warning signal. The healing from the creative (spiritual): To live without fear or anxiety, ie to live in freedom, happiness and justice, that is the realization of one’s own self. It is medicine for mind, body and soul – holistic health.

The first method is very complicated and goes many endless and useless ways. It is medicine: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It is therefore a medicine for the blind and the toothless. It does not give any real healing. That is why the number of terminal illnesses is growing day by day.

The second method is the best and cheapest of all. It does not interfere with nature, but supports and allows you to get healthy again. The majority always relies on quantity or power (economic, social, political, intellectual or ideological). Those who have unveiled judgment always belong to the minority. One of my favorite doctrines is:

It is always the minority who rule the appearances on all levels.

Only the biological and physiological knowledge of the structure of the universe can cure man from his most serious illness, the lower power of judgment. It is the cause of all suffering and also of the all-destructive nuclear war. There is no incurable disease with God, the Creator of this infinite universe, or in the realm of freedom, happiness and justice.

Paracelsus already said: “Every disease is curable, but not every sick person.
It is often said that you want to be cured of your illness, that you have the will to rid yourself of your illness at any cost. In reality, however, such a will is only a wish, a desire to withdraw from the previous situation, namely resignation, hopelessness. Some people want to be healed by another means without being able to recognize the “Mea Culpa” – my fault – the cause of their illness. You will not achieve complete healing.

On the other hand, the will is omnipotent in this infinite universe. It is the will to live that seeks and finds the cause of all misfortunes, all diseases, all injustices in this world, and then conquers them not with force or a mechanical aid, but in harmony with the nature of the infinite universe.

Healing symptomatically or controlling health is blind exclusivity or egoism that denies or obscures the will of the infinite universe.

I recommend that you do not see the disease as an enemy or something bad, but rather the attempt of our body, more precisely your “body-soul-spirit system”, to bring itself back into balance in a self-healing process. Try not to see health and illness as opposites, only one side of which is good and the other bad.

An illness can be a symptom of a mental problem that the body tries unsuccessfully to correct. It’s not for nothing that people say that something hits us on the stomach. The bile comes up. He has a load on his shoulders. A louse has run over his liver. I’m fed up. It’s absolutely sickening. It makes you cry, etc.

It is therefore worthwhile to regard a disease – a system out of balance – as a wake-up call and not to concretize it with medication and only switch off the warning symptoms.

Medical science has made such tremendous advances in recent decades that there are practically no healthy people left.

Medicine takes care of her illnesses, she lives on it. You have to take care of your health yourself, you live on it. Don’t be a slave to diet theory! Never be so rigid! Be a completely free person. Unveil your judgment. You will understand everything completely.

Really rich is someone who has more dreams than “reality” – pseudo-reality – can destroy.

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