InYology – The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

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Number of pages: 912
Size: 20.00 cm × 27.00 cm
Weight: 2.376 kg
ISBN: 978-3-907212-10-3
1st edition 2021


This comprehensive book is an extraordinary work in that it provides a complete and practice-orientated depiction of the detailed teaching of Yin and Yang. InYology is the study of Yin and Yang. The teaching of the Laws of Nature or the order of the universe.

In is the Japanese term for the Chinese word Yin.
Yo is the Japanese term for the Chinese word Yang.

InYology is of invaluable worth for all people dealing with health, consciousness, and the Laws of Nature. InYology is a magical compass needed to understand the Laws of Nature and the order of the universe.


What does this book for me?

The InYology book is a treasure trove of knowledge covering more than 912 pages, and containing over 80 color drawings, graphs and helpful tables.


This book truly adds value to your life. Someone who knows the laws of nature can live in harmony with nature and that signifies trust, health, freedom, and love. Someone who does not know the laws of nature, or who disregards them, is very likely to fall ill – be it physically, mentally, or spiritually – and to live in fear and under the control of outside influences.


People who understand the InYology, can independently change their condition from sick to healthy – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do you know a greater gift? A greater gift is only life itself!


If you also want to fully understand this natural order, then gift yourself – and your loved ones – this treasure trove filled with unique nature knowledge, and buy this book now directly from the Vivoterra Shop. It will be the best investment in your life!

Weight 2.376 kg
Dimensions 20.00 × 27.00 cm

26 reviews for InYology – The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

  1. Avatar

    Natarsha Wise One

    I have received this book weeks ago and I am speechless. I finally found a book that is aligned with my life force. Knowing this insight from within is great and now the opportunity to see it written, brings more light to my Heart. This was a huge Assignment and the time that was spent coordinating all the insights… So much appreciated. Only those who have the Will to Live a life of Restored Health & Spirituality IN TRUTH can grasp the treasures of this Book; it is recommended for seekers who wish to stop seeking and receive answers that can be embodied and executed. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT.

  2. Avatar

    Iulia E. Han

    I have already ordered the book in German and recomanded it to a lot of people. I am very excited studying it!!! Thank you for sharing it also in English, due to the fact that not many people speak German from where I come from. I wish to you guys to reach out to as many people as possible, because it is a treasure of selfknowledge and natural laws.

  3. Avatar

    Jeff Viens

    Love the book, definitely my pleasure. A knowledgeable planet is a peaceful one. Wholeness family!

  4. Avatar

    Rebecca Jordan

    This great work reached me as a birthday present … and it accompanies me since “day one” through my life. A good friend of mine asked me if it is difficult to understand this book if you have never dealt with this teaching before. I answered her: “I have never dealt before with Yin und Yang, too. You can feel in every line that the author wants to share his knowledge and his wisdom with everyone.” Now we are both studying the InYology … Thank you for this Masterpiece.

  5. Avatar


    Your articles are brilliant, truthful, inspiring (genuinely are for me) and greatly appreciated! Thank you André.

  6. Avatar

    Patricia Horwood

    I’m thankful to God for directing me to you and your absolutely wonderful eye opening materials and tools to work with! I’m really enjoying my book, loving to read and meditate on! Thank you for being you.

  7. Avatar


    The book is incredible & exceptional, truly marvellous piece of work. My deepest gratitude for such a splendid gift.

  8. Avatar

    Helen Goodman

    So much knowledge and tips with good explanations are definitely worth the price. I can recommend it to anyone who has even a little interest in naturopathy.

  9. Avatar

    Scott Turner

    Who wants to learn more about himself and live in harmony with nature. Who wants to understand that we are creator beings, for this person the book Inyology is a must read! There is nothing like this on the market.

  10. Avatar

    Donna Navarro

    This book beautifully describes the theory of yin and yang and the laws of nature. The information is presented in a way that is practical and useful with many pictures, tables and graphs. I am a naturopath and this book is a perfect compliment to my work. I am recommending it to clients. I gave it to my colleague who is a big fan of yin and yang and he is recommending it too!

  11. Avatar

    Ronda Wade

    At first I was a little hesitant when I saw the price, but now I am so thankful I bought this book! A good friend had recommended it to me and now that I have read it, I must say that this book is infinitely valuable. This book has helped me in so many areas of my life. I can’t thank the author André Blank enough for his tremendous work.

  12. Avatar

    Maria Tristan

    I bought the InYology book and it’s amazing.

  13. Avatar

    Joanne Fredeen

    My husband enjoyed this book so much he purchased another copy for a friend.

  14. Avatar

    Melissa Newton

    I am very grateful to have such a valuable treasure and to be able to access again and again such great knowledge, which is contained in this book.

  15. Avatar

    Jacob Bates

    5 Stars all the way! I look at everything differently now. Thank you André Blank for your valuable contribution to the world.

  16. Avatar

    Andrew Cummings

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to live in harmony with nature and activate their own healing powers.

  17. Avatar

    Kathleen McCoy

    A book to read through again and again and with unique practical tips on the healing arts. Everyone who wants to understand the order of the universe and how to heal must read this exceptional work.

  18. Avatar

    Emma Howell

    I have read many books, but this book is really unique. Thanks to the teaching in this book, my health is getting better and better. I am convinced that every person should have this book. It is a true blessing. Inyology is truly a magical compass to understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe.

  19. Avatar

    Frank Zepp

    I am intrigued.

  20. Avatar

    Janet Yocum

    Looks like a life time of knowledge and energy has been put into this extremely detailed, one of a kind book for a better and healthier life. A must have book, InYology…kudos André Blank.

  21. Avatar

    Jonathan Bluestein

    I read some of the sample chapters. Looks like an excellent book!

  22. Avatar

    Bz Waite

    Just got my book tonight… excited to dive in!

  23. Avatar

    Vinayak Raghuvamshi

    Impressive table of contents. So many topics in one book!

  24. Avatar

    Michael Aaron

    This is a great book that explains in detail about YIN and YANG. This book encourages very much to reflect and become aware and thereby supports the soul/mind/body health. Because I am the creator of my life and choose according to my consciousness – in harmony with the natural order. My humble gratitude to the author André Blank for the efforts taken in bringing the book.

  25. Avatar

    Violeta Amalia Pater

    I find interesting your dissertation and well deemed to be followed up for further explanations about why life gives us what it’s given and what are the reasons for humans unhappiness. Thank you!

  26. Avatar

    Hennie Conradie

    I have started to read the sample which you made available for free – I can see that this is a work like few others… a must have for everyone who would like to understand the order and underlying principles of the universe better. Much clarity is needed in the world today, on so many topics.. thank you for making the sample pages available. I wish I can attend some of your lectures in person one day. Thanks.

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