Activate self-healing of the body

When it comes to self-healing of the body, most people do not think of healing the body, but of healing from the outside. They think a doctor or a medicine can heal them when they are ill. In actuality, there is only one healing – and that is always and in every case self-healing.

What is meant by the term self-healing?

First of all, it is important to recognize what a precarious situation we find ourselves in. We should be clear about how we can free ourselves from this situation and in which direction we want to move in order to finally experience healing. Finally, of course, it is inevitable to put the knowledge gained into practical action.

Every healing is always a self-healing!

The spirit stands hierarchically above matter. Although this universal basic principle has already been scientifically proven, society has been shaped the other way round for centuries. And so it will still take some time until the knowledge about the self-healing powers has also become generally accepted. With the decisive step of motivating oneself to self-heal, it can be possible to overcome even a supposedly incurable cancer diagnosis, to get rid of pain permanently and to literally be able to walk straight and upright through life again.

Even the ancient wisdom teachings show methods of slipping through the meshes of the nets that the manipulators have thrown out. ­However, one will search in vain for instructions in the sense of directions for use, ­for these would be ­located on ­the level of ­confrontation and struggle, which we will not engage in under any circumstances.

Basically it is about the “freeing” of the “trapped” consciousness, the ordinary unconsciousness, ­so that we recognize the unity of the seemingly most different things and connections. Since this is exactly the direction of the so-called new physics, the so-called quantum mechanics or quantum philosophy, both approaches have been following the same path of unveiling for some time. The works of some physicists are marked by deep religious reverence, when they move from their attempts to describe reality to attempts to interpret it, which cannot do without a creating something, a creator.

Action should be ethical action, and this must necessarily arise from within ourselves if it is to be valid. Once we have seen through this principle and mastered how to apply it, there is nothing standing in the way of activating our self-healing powers.

What is healing?

Healing = complete restoration of the original state (restitutio ad integrum).

The term healing refers to the process of establishing or restoring physical and mental integrity from an ailment or disease, or overcoming an injury through recovery. While the concept of healing is etymologically determined more by a becoming whole (see “healing”), genesen (from Greek neomai) originally denotes a “getting away” from a danger.

Salvation expresses pardon, success, wholeness, health and in religious meaning especially salvation. Variations of the word can be found in very different contexts, e.g.: heil, heilig, heilsam or heilbar; the antonym to this is heillos, to salvation the unheil (“bad luck”, “ruin”, “misfortune”).

It is the will to life that seeks and finds the cause of all unhappiness, of all disease(s), of all injustice in this world, and then conquers it not by force or any mechanical device, but in accordance with the nature of the infinite universe. To heal symptomatically or to control health is blind exclusiveness or egoism that denies or obscures the will of the infinite universe.

Is self-healing possible?

Yes, of course. And only self-healing is possible. There is always and in every case only self-healing anyway. Self-healing is not a miracle. Every human being carries this inner healing power within himself. There is no healing from outside or substitute healing from outside. We, that means body, soul and spirit, can only heal ourselves. We can support from the outside – but healing always happens with everyone himself.

For example, you can’t build muscle without working on yourself. No one can do this work for you from the outside. You cannot gain weight if someone else eats more for you. Likewise, you cannot lose weight if someone else eats less for you.

How does stress affect self-healing?

Stress has weighty effects on body, soul and spirit.

Fear was first installed and taught by the Satanists as one of the basic emotions. However, fear is not one of our basic natural feelings. This was first taught to us as part of the false doctrine propagated by the matrix. Our basic natural feeling is caution, not fear. Anyone who has understood the false doctrine propagated by the matrix will also understand the reasons why fear was implanted in our heads as one of our basic natural feelings. That demons or Satanists have an above-average intellect, but a well below average – or even no – empathy is probably less well known at the same time. Fear is the most powerful weapon that demons or Satanists have to control prisoners in the matrix.

Fear is generated only by the intellect and not by the soul. Fear represents excessive caution. Creatures in the wild feel no fear. Fear only occurs when the intellect artificially elevates a situation to a state that creates fear out of caution. As long as an animal or person has the opportunity to escape – generated by the feeling of caution – there is no fear. Only when the chance to escape is taken away from us – due to a situation provoked by our intellect – does caution escalate into fear. So the question is there: Qui bono?


What are stressors?

Ideally, our metabolism is directed towards healing, building and growth as well as regeneration of the organism, in short, towards life and vitality.

Our organism must permanently deal with stimuli coming from inside and outside. This applies to all sensory impressions, thoughts, feelings as well as food and invading germs. From a biochemical point of view, it does not matter whether the stimulus is positive or negative.

Internal stressors:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Heat
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • food abundance
  • Poisons
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Blood sugar fluctuations
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Psychological/mental stress
  • Heavy metals
  • etc.

External stressors:

  • Fear – stressor number 1
  • Puppet Media
  • Heat, cold, climate overall
  • Light, Darkness
  • Noise
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Chemtrails
  • Mobile phone radiation, W-Lan
  • Solar storms
  • Pollution
  • etc.

However, the more stressors the body has to process, the more the concentration of the stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisone increases in the blood. The body now abandons the “build-up metabolism”, which is driven by the thyroid gland, in favour of the “stress metabolism”.

In the short term, the stress reaction in the sense of this “adaptation syndrome” offers a survival advantage because large reserves of strength are mobilized so that we can fight or flee (“fight or flight” reaction). In this mode, nutrients are mobilized quickly and in large quantities, and the body also makes use of tissues that are initially secondary for survival (skin, hair, teeth, bones). The goal of the organism is now the survival of the most important organs and body functions.

At the beginning of this stress reaction, one often even feels very well and full of energy, because the stress hormones want to keep the body functioning as long as possible. Such a reaction explains, for example, why one hardly gets tired when one is freshly in love or the stimulus of risky sports, just like an energy boost when fasting.

However, if the stress level in the organism rises even further, it goes into a state of physical or psychological shock. Here the goal is ultimately only the conservation of energy.

If the organism is in “permanent stress”, the survival advantage is reversed because the body wastes its resources on the one hand and neglects its regeneration and growth on the other or, even worse, becomes incapable of acting.

Chronic stress leads to degradation, old age and death

These degradation processes are additionally favoured by the fact that growth-oriented hormones such as the thyroid hormones, progesterone, DHEA, HGH and pregnenolone, among others, are released in reduced quantities.

You can say that the stress hormones are counterparts of our building hormones.

When we understand body, mind and soul as a unity, this leads to clarity

He who always thinks only with the intellect becomes a scientist and also thinks that the memory is in the brain – where else? He who wants to understand the soul only with the intellect comes to the conclusion that there is no soul at all. And who always thinks only with the intellect, becomes empathy-less – without feeling – because he no longer receives the messages of the soul and therefore thinks the soul is only a figment of the imagination. But no one can always ignore the soul. Sometime the soul reports, and then the soul reports how hurt it is. Then the great soul suffering comes to these people… That is why it is so important that we should also keep the soul healthy with good soul food and keep the spirit healthy with good spirit food.

How can you activate your self-healing powers?

Healing is a process that can be strengthened and supported – or weakened – by inner and also outer influences. Healing can never come from outside or from someone else. We ourselves were born and are born. We ourselves died and will die. It is we ourselves who think, stand, walk, talk, sleep. No one else can think, stand, walk, talk, sleep for us. No one else can heal vicariously.

Doctors, therapists and path-masters can only give recommendations and show how we can heal ourselves. But even that can only activate and help our self-healing powers if we actually follow these recommendations ourselves in practice.

We can support our body, soul and mind by eliminating all toxins as a first step. The mind directs the body. Many scientific studies have now proven this. Decaffeinated coffee raises pulse and blood pressure if you only believe it has caffeine in it (placebo effect). Test subjects in New Zealand were led to believe that their tonic water contained alcohol. Result: quite a few of the pseudozechs slurred their words, felt unsteady on their feet, and made “alcohol-related” errors on a memory test. Or in other experiments, subjects were blindfolded and then suggested that they would briefly place a glowing coin on their arm, but in reality the coin was cold. Some subjects actually produced burn blisters on their skin as a result. Or again in another experiment, a physics professor demonstrated the power of the mind by drinking poison without getting any discomfort. He warned students to do this if they had not yet mastered true faith. Otherwise, he said, it would be fatal. One student did not believe this and drank of it too … and died. A surgery on the knee feigned by superficial cuts can have the same positive effect as the real surgery (spirit healing, if the patient believes in it).

But for the mind to have an effect on the body, it doesn’t even need a sham treatment or a sham drug. Mere contemplation is enough: Meditation has been shown to calm the metabolism, alleviate pain, lower blood pressure, slow the heart and have a positive effect on the immune system.

Instead of always reacting to the causes of illness such as stress, poor nutrition, etc., for example with medication, more and more doctors are increasingly focusing on what keeps us healthy. They ask: How can the positive forces that lie dormant in the interaction of body, mind and soul be awakened and activated? In this context, patients are asked more than ever to activate their self-healing powers. They should not only consult the “outer doctor”, the physician, but also the “inner healer”.


Can meditation heal the body and mind?

There are different ways to influence our health. For example, the way via nutrition or the way via the mind. We can choose the food ourselves to a large extent. Therefore, it is the simplest and easiest way to bring about change, but also the longest way. On the mental level, zazen (seated ZEN or ZEN meditation) is the most direct and hardest path, but the shortest and most direct path. On both paths, a sound mind is the prerequisite. Where this knowledge is deficient, an experienced path master should temporarily take over.

Meditation has been shown to calm the metabolism, alleviate pain, lower blood pressure, make the heart beat slower, and have a positive effect on the immune system.

The mind directs the body, and the soul experiences the feelings

Earlier generations were better able to combine the physical symptoms with the emotional causes. Statements like: that upsets my stomach, my nose is all runny, I am fed up, it breaks my heart, my blood was up… liver and anger, heart and joy, stomach and worries, lungs and sadness, kidneys and fear always belong together in pairs.

Fingers cut off

When I was about eight years old, I used to help a farmer cut firewood using a log splitter. As always, the farmer had his helper with him, a man who was also a cook in a psychiatric clinic. He told me to press the pedal of the log splitter while he put the log on the trestle. We carried on working like this for hours. Suddenly, the man screamed: “OUCH, shit, damn, my finger, you’ve cut my finger off!” Yes, I had my foot on the pedal. He ran off and yelled back to me, “Find my finger, it’s somewhere in the wood!” This I subsequently did and brought the finger to the man. “There’s your finger.” The farmer’s mother then cooked lunch. She cooked pasta with shredded meat and applesauce. I was pretty hungry from the work, but I didn’t want to eat anything. My cardia (the mouth to my stomach) has closed the entrance. The incident with the finger was so much emotional food it upset my stomach. I never heard anything from this man again.

Burned boy

Another time, around two years later, an Italian family who lived in our village wanted to emigrate back to Italy. Their son had all his friends here and he was desperate, so he doused himself in petrol and set himself alight. I saw how he burned. Finally, the fire brigade and paramedics arrived and they cooled him off with lukewarm water over the balcony railing. His skin was black and hanging off. It wasn’t a pretty sight. He died a short time later in hospital. Later, I told about this experience at home. That evening, we performed 30 minutes of ZEN meditation. As children, we very often performed 30 minutes of ZEN (Zazen) meditation. Sometimes daily. This allowed me to process and let go of this emotional material, the film that I had recorded. I didn’t have any nightmares after that.

If someone believes they only need to heal their consciousness and soul but neglect their body, then they will continue to have a sick body. That is their choice. If someone wants a healthy body as well, they will need to put the physical recommendations into practice as well. That is their choice.

WHAT you do is not decisive – WHAT you recognize as your path. What is crucial is the attitude with which you pursue it – the attitude with which you go your own way. What you do in this attitude, if it is done without love, is not good. What you do in this attitude, if it is done with love, is always good.

What exercises are there to activate self-healing?

vitamin d3
Gratitude is an important prerequisite for mental, spiritual and physical healing

The following recommendations are necessary to create the best conditions for spiritual, mental and physical healing:

  1. Start each day with a positive, grateful attitude.
  2. Have a positive inner attitude that healing is always possible, even against third party statements to the contrary. Have the unconditional will, combined with true faith, to heal.
  3. Chew each bite very well (at least 30-50 times).
  4. Do not eat at least three hours before sleeping.
  5. Sleep before midnight and get up early for it.
  6. Do not watch “bad news” at least 2 hours before going to sleep (keyword “digital detox”).
  7. Remove mobile phones and electronic radiation devices from the bedroom (keyword “electro-smog”).
  8. Wear only natural fiber directly on the skin.
  9. Wear as little jewelry as possible. (Do not become arrogant.)
  10. Use good toothpaste to brush your teeth. Sea salt based toothpastes or baking soda mixed with coconut oil are very good. Do not use toothpaste with fluoride and synthetic sweetener.
  11. Spend a lot of time in the fresh air, if possible walk barefoot on natural soil.
  12. Avoid hot baths, prefer showers (the exception are alkaline baths).
  13. Sauna is healthy (but pay attention to the cardiovascular system).
  14. Rub the body occasionally with hot, damp cloths (until the skin is red), but at least the hands and feet, fingers and toes. Foot baths with sea salt are also good for detoxification (keyword feet and kidneys).
  15. In the house, if possible, have only objects made of natural materials.
  16. Maintain positive, lively contact and gratitude to parents, children, friends and teachers.
  17. Cook with wood or gas if possible (not electric or even microwave).
  18. To escape the daily mind-control through system-media. Search your knowledge purposefully. Learn to think for yourself again. Listen to your true “I”.
  19. Every day, give at least one sincere compliment or a friendly smile to one of your loved ones or anyone you choose – with emphasis on at least.
  20. Learn to get a sense of truth again. In an overabundance of system media including the internet, it’s not always easy to keep track. What is true and what is not? To destroy one truth, you need a thousand lies (which is impossible anyway). To debunk a thousand lies, just one truth. It’s easier to believe a lie repeated a thousand times than a truth told only once.
  21. Do not demand or expect perfection from yourself, but also do not just take the path of least resistance. Do what is possible, no more and no less.
  22. Practicing zazen (meditation) and exercise in reasonable amounts are helpful.
  23. Wherever possible, leave out all toxins. This is the first step towards not poisoning the body even more.
  24. Understand that you must not be only a consumer. It is not much use if you only consume what is said. Go from being a consumer to being a doer. Learn the essential things about your body, soul and spirit.


Every healing is always a self-healing

Your trust in your own mind power – along with an accompanying life change – is what heals you, not trust in pharmaceutical chemistry.

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