A true declaration of love to all fathers

A man needs other men, especially older men, who bless him, who honor him, who encourage him, who point out his mistakes and accompany him on his way.

Time and again we are told that we live in a man’s world. But the statistics on men’s health, happiness, and life expectancy show that this is not true. In fact, there is good reason to argue that our entire way of life is contrary to the needs of men, in fact, that it literally poisons men spiritually, mentally and physically. Every man is damaged to a greater or lesser degree, limping through life, putting up a brave front (as Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”). Is it possible that those men who finally snap can no longer bear the pain and confusion we all feel? Here are some facts about what it means to be a man in the late 20th century:

  1. Men live an average of seven years shorter than women. (changing now)
  2. Men repeatedly fail in intimate relationships (nearly one in two marriages break up, with the woman filing for divorce twice as often).
  3. Nearly 80 percent of all convictions for physical violence involve men, and 70 percent of victims of violent crime are men.
  4. In schools, three-quarters of children with behavioral disorders are boys and more than two-thirds of children with learning difficulties are also boys.
  5. One in seven boys will be the victim of sexual harassment before they turn 18.
  6. Over 95 percent of prison inmates are men.
  7. The third leading cause of death for men between 15 and 65 is suicide!
  8. Men can’t cook (90% of all top chefs are men)

Boys and girls are brought up by women – and their perceptions – as much as 90% and more. All “modern recommendations” are socialist “anti-violence methods” – in order to keep men artificially weak. On the contrary, they are to a large extent the cause that the real problems cannot be openly expressed and corrected, but remain suppressed through pseudo reconditioning.

Making a fist in your pocket, or secretly screaming your feelings into your pillow, is not a solution, but suppression. This “physically non-violent and anti-authoritarian upbringing” – in return exercising all the more psychological violence – I have debunked long ago.

Consciousness cannot be “cheated”!

Through such manipulations and auto-suggestion. Whereby the question remains, how much is it still auto-suggestion and to what extent is it foreign suggestion when the contents of the texts, media and actions is “recommended” from outside in every detail.

Without a doubt, the suicide rate among men is the fact that most dramatically illuminates the situation of the male sex. Men and boys are three times more likely to commit suicide than women (the suicide rate is even higher than the death rate in road accidents – although the two figures are certainly related: the “road accident” of a single man can potentially feed both statistics).

An Australian study looked at the time of death of male heart attack victims and found that Mondays at 9 a.m. are the most common (just as, incidentally, Mondays are the most common day of suicide for men). So we should be talking about a black Monday rather than a blue Monday.

But enough of the doom and gloom! While it is important to understand the procedural nature of the situation, it is also important to accept the situation and feel the concern. For in the “ashes of the ending lies also the nourishment for a new beginning”. You have to go down deep to get back up. For most men, the most important thing is to give up the “all’s good attitude” (this faint optimism that has been instilled in them over the years) and to admit how messed up a man is. This is the important first step.

Become real men again

Without outside help, a seedling develops into a tree and a tadpole into a frog. But a human child needs a lot of support before it grows into a “functioning” adult. In order to learn our gender roles, we probably need thousands of hours of interaction with older, mentally and emotionally more mature members of our own gender.

It requires the help of a few real men before a boy becomes a man. School is no more suitable for this than watching a television program. Even mothers, as hard as they may try, cannot accomplish this on their own. Boys need to be around healthy men, and this need persists into adulthood. Younger men need older men, and middle-aged men need even older men. If this need is met, then life becomes infinitely more manageable, stable, interesting and friendly. The lonely struggle and the fear of failure are then replaced by the feeling that one is supported through life and heading towards mastery.

In nature, all developments follow a predetermined pattern. As far as men are concerned, this pattern of development has been forgotten, leaving the whole process largely to chance. When we look at ancient cultures, we see again and again that a great deal of emphasis was placed on the upbringing of young men.

How men and boys got separated

For the first time in history, fathers now worked separately from their sons. They get up before dawn and don’t return home until after dark. Compulsory school attendance was introduced, but not so much for humanitarian reasons. Rather, it was intended to prepare children to become compliant factory workers at the age of nine or ten.

For the first time in human history, a generation of boys grew up who were no longer “fathered” in the original sense of the word. Today we find these conditions quite normal. Fathers work and mothers raise the children (or have them looked after by other women in kindergartens or day care centers). Afterwards, our offspring are usually prepared for life by female teachers. And so the little boys are left with only the choice of either complying and being “good” or rebelling.

Rockefeller said the following: The destruction of families through feminism and genderism is our invention. And for two reasons: Previously, only half of the population paid taxes. Now it is nearly twice as many, because now women also go to work to earn money. It also destroyed families and gave us power over the children. They are now under our control, through our media and our ideas. The children are now getting our messages drilled into them. They are no longer under the influence of the family, but under ours. By turning women against men, we have created a broken society full of egoists. Serious crises in marriages and families, exploding divorce rates with the destruction of entire families, the collapse of values with the most serious consequences for the whole of society, excessive egoism, ruthlessness, unemployment, drug abuse, violence in schools and society, countless wars with huge refugee problems. The profits of corporations are privatized and the burdens are socialized.

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