Why people fail in their dietary changes

There are several factors that hinder the smooth implementation of a diet and lifestyle that are promising health:

  1. No gratitude

People who are ungrateful often make comments like these:

“Why do I have to eat this brown rice? And why do I have to eat these bland root vegetables?” or, “How long do I have to keep up this diet?” It does not even occur to an ungrateful person that he himself might be responsible for his cancer, but instead usually believes the cancer is the unjust result of some unknown, external factor. Someone who goes through life with such an attitude often returns to their former diet of sugar, honey, chemical sweeteners, meat products from cruel factory farms, dairy products, and other denatured foods, barely noticing any improvement.

  1. Inaccurate execution

In some cases, dietary recommendations are not properly understood or not carefully practiced. For example, with recommendations such as, “Eat 50 to 60% whole grains every day, cook rice in a pressure cooker, and add a pinch of salt!”, most people claim that they understand. However, when they are at home, some may cook with too much salt or no salt at all, or with too much water or too little; or they may steam or bake their rice instead of cooking it in the pressure cooker. Some people even eat 100% grains instead of 50 to 60%. Of course, this kind of execution makes healing difficult.

  1. No will to live

In some cases, people who no longer have any will to live are advised what they can do to regain their health. But people like these, who often ignore recommendations given to them, have very little chance of healing.

  1. Too little family support

Among the many patients I have counseled, there have been many middle-aged men who came to me alone despite the fact that they were married. When I asked why their wives did not come with them, I often received the answer that their wives did not agree with their wish to take responsibility themselves. When asked who would cook, they usually replied that they wanted to try it themselves. In the same way, I have also met many women who did not have the support of their spouses.

People like these have my greatest sympathy, because they are alone in the truest sense of the word. Their families lack the love and care that is essential to their recovery.

If patients want to start with the changeover and their spouse opposes this wish, they should consider the possibility of a temporary separation, at least until they are healed. Someone who refuses to help their partner regain life, health and happiness can no longer be considered a faithful companion.

  1. Loss of self-healing powers

Extensive treatment with chemotherapy or radiation or many years of poor nutrition on a permanent basis can weaken the body’s own self-healing powers and hinder the natural healing process.

If you turn back too soon, you miss the mark
The greatest sin that a doctor or other healer can fall into is to work against the regulatory mechanisms of healing within. As aides of this principle, health consultants and appointed healers will support what the inner protective spirit of the body initiates. If a sick person is feverish and freezes at the same time, they will cover this sick person warmer and thereby further increase the temperature raised by the body by half a degree or one degree Celsius (32.9 to 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit). If this person is now sweating, the “medical helper” will promote the elimination of toxins through the skin. By adding hot linden blossom tea or elderberry tea, he supports this sweating of the body. As servants of nature, health consultants and healers know that a small push is often enough to bring the inner magnificence back into balance. And then they must keep the calm, transfer it to the sick.

Holistic health consultants, naturopathic doctors and therapists are nature’s servants!
Caution: In an emergency, a doctor may sometimes resort to medication, such as antibiotics. If this is necessary (at certain stages of this transformation), we should be grateful and not extreme or sectarian. Only when someone is so free, independent and healthy can they say – I no longer need this help. Those who have a good naturopathic doctor at their side can decide differently.

The body needs time for self-regulation. Diseases also have a long start-up phase, a “prodromal stage” (early symptoms), as we therapists call them. Both patient and therapist should stay on the path that has been recognized as the right one. If you constantly try different things or many things in parallel, you create restlessness in the body. Restlessness consumes energy and hinders healing. There are certainly many paths that lead to the goal. But if you change the path halfway through, you run the risk of never arriving or running past your destination.

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