What is the difference between knowledge and conscience?

In many countries, the suicide rate is highest among medical professionals. Compared to other professions, there is a 50% higher risk of committing suicide. Each year, between 100 and 200 medical professionals commit suicide in Germany alone, although the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher, as many suicides are covered up and declared as accidents or poisonings. Why does a medical doctor commit suicide? Because he has a “guilty conscience”?

What is the difference between knowledge and conscience?

“Knowledge” alone is too imprecise. “Knowledge” can also only be intellectual “knowledge” or “gramophone knowledge”. While “conscience” is always “heart knowledge”. Does the doctor now commit suicide due to a “guilty conscience”? No. On the contrary, “the” doctor commits suicide out of fear and ignorance. His ability to judge is still veiled. But doesn’t everyone have a conscience? No.

This is another Matrix fallacy and results in a dangerous delusion.

Not “everyone” has a conscience. In the case of demons, satanists and reptilians, it is precisely the heart chakra that is deactivated, so that they can no longer feel any conscience or empathy. And these demon beings try by all means to deactivate the heart chakra of the “Matrix prisoners” as well so that these people no longer feel any conscience or empathy either.

That is why the “nature knowledge” about the low and high vibrational ranges is so important!

If you can correctly answer the question why a person wants to become a doctor, you will also be able to more easily answer the question as to why doctors so often choose suicide.

I would say that fear of disease and ignorance about “life” are their main motivations for both decisions. The greed for material wealth and thus social recognition are further reasons. Only a small percentage of doctors choose this profession for the sole reason of being able to help other people. Someone who really only wants to help, chooses the route of the naturopath – or any other designation – and not the route of conventional medicine. And among the naturopath population, the suicide rate is no higher than among “normal” people.

I know: trust in the natural order defeats the fear of the abyss.

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