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André Blank is a health expert and author. He is the founder, owner and CEO of Vivoterra® AG.

André grew up with InYology (teaching of Yin and Yang). As such, he not only got to know the natural order theoretically, but he has also been living it in practice and theory since birth.

He started judo at the age of 5 and later on also took up karatedo and aikido, which he still practices today.

André devotes all his energy to studying InYology (teaching of Yin and Yang and the natural order) in practice and theory. He particularly studies the areas of consciousness, Far Eastern philosophy, I-Ching (the laws of change), I-do (natural medicine), TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), Shokujo-do (nutrition), Ryori-do (cooking to aid healing), 5-QI transformations, shiatsu (healing massage), zazen, martial arts (aikido & karatedo, etc.).

Your mind (your awareness) guides your body. What you believe, the state of your awareness and your attitude, will also determine your reality.

When you are feeling doubtful, you start to believe your doubts, and then your doubts become your reality.

André is convinced that we all deserve a life of freedom, happiness, vitality and contentment – and that we have the potential to realize it for ourselves.

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Vivoterra® at a glance

Vivoterra® – The best way to your healthy Life

The Vivoterra® Group includes the following areas: Vivoterra® Publishing, Vivoterra® Academy, Vivoterra® Healthcare and the brands InYologie® and InYology®.

Vivoterra® Publishing – The treasure trove of knowledge

Books for people who deal with health and awareness.

Vivoterra® Academy – Knowledge is freedom

We are a school and we are a movement! Our academy strives to bring health out of a state of crisis. We teach holism and health for body, soul and spirit. We give you step-by-step training and all the tools you need to activate your self-healing powers. You too can turn your health into a “Mission totally possible”.

Vivoterra® Healthcare – Health Center

We at Vivoterra accompany you on your path to regain the health you want. We are convinced that we all deserve a life of vitality – and that we have the potential to realize it for ourselves. The basis of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet, combined with physical and mental activity and relaxation.

Vivoterra® Publishing – The treasure trove of knowledge

Vivoterra publishing house

vivoterra verlag

Books with real nature knowledge for all people who deal with awareness and health.

Anyone who says that the mind is more powerful than the body should also put this spiritual power to use to keep the body as healthy as possible. Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

We humans are beings of creation. With the books by André Blank you can learn – among many other things – how to activate your own creative power, so that you can personally take control of every aspect of your life.

Our books can be ordered exclusively through the Vivoterra shop.

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