Understand the presence of your immune system

Based on my thorough observations, I can safely say that people whose natural immunity is weakened and who are susceptible to the activity of “viruses” and bacteria all have the same general nutritional tendencies, which are as follows:

  1. You consume many sweet things, such as foods that contain sugar, chocolate, honey, and chemical sweeteners.
  2. You consume a large amount of fruit and fruit juices, including tropical fruit like bananas, papayas, mangoes, kiwis, and similar.
  3. You consume a large amount of dairy products, especially milk, yogurt, cream, butter, and ice cream, etc.
  4. You consume refined flour products, including refined white flour, hybrid wheat and GMO wheat, etc.
  5. Frequent consumption of nightshade plants, such as tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers, as well as plants of tropical origin.
  6. You consume a large amount of oily and fatty products, including salad dressings, spreads, sauces, and fried food.
  7. Frequent consumption of sodas and carbonated sparkling drinks.
  8. You allow yourself to be poisoned by highly toxic substances: “vaccinations” (mercury, aluminum hydroxide, formaldehyde, chicken embryo protein, antibiotic residues, and squalene).
  9. You get far too little sun (vitamin D3 deficiency).
  10. You live in fear (Yang) and are in a permanent struggle for existence and survival.

All 8 points fall into the category of extreme Yin food.

I also consider vaccines to be physical food for the body. I count everything that we metabolize physically – and process spiritually – as food. The body cannot metabolize the heavy metals in vaccines, which is why these substances are so toxic for the body. Especially for babies, small children, adults, and the elderly. “For everyone?” Yes, for everyone!

They ultimately lead to expansion, decomposition, dissolution, and weakening. Point 10, fear, is Yang – fear inhibits, constricts and no longer allows you to feel and think clearly.

The transmission of contagious “viruses” and bacteria and their multiplication in the organism can easily take place in people who have the aforementioned physical and mental tendencies and lifestyles in common. These microorganisms thrive better in an acid-producing milieu where excess fat and mucus have accumulated, such as in the reproductive organs, in the intestinal tract and even in the oral cavity, provided the milieu is acidic. When these areas of the body come into direct contact with an infected person or a liquid that carries “viruses” and bacteria, the germs can be easily transmitted and spread quickly.

A rusty nail does not have an immune system – you do!

rostiger nagel hat kein immunsystem

A healthy human being can scratch a rusty nail … he washes and disinfects the wound, and it’s good. A sick human being develops severe blood poisoning and can die from it. In both cases it is not the rusty nail that is decisive, but the human environment.

The microbe is nothing, the environment is everything. This sentence is of course not correct. The microbe is not nothing – the harmful microbe cannot cause any damage in an alkaline environment.

You shouldn’t wait for a vaccination or outside help. Take responsibility for yourself and strengthen your immune system – HERE AND NOW!

The same applies here as everywhere else: an alkaline bodily milieu is crucial.

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