The truth about vaccination

Some time ago vaccinations were part of the norm and very few people doubted its supposed disease-preventive effects. Doctors had learned that vaccinations cause active or passive immunization against certain pathogens. But in the meantime the situation has changed enormously and more and more people understand that vaccinations do not induce immunization, but instead cause enormous damage to their own body. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to hear about it, of course, because vaccinations bring massive profits to the companies listed on the stock exchange, and if these revenues fall, it also reduces the competitiveness of these companies.

Vaccines are enriched with frightening substances!
It is crazy what ingredients are contained in a common vaccine preparation. For example, almost all vaccines contain mercury. Mercury is extremely poisonous and prevents nerve cells from growing and even allows nerve cells to regress. At the same time, mercury blocks the transmission of stimuli from nerve cells. Vaccine preparations are often enriched with the light metal aluminum. Aluminum is also highly toxic to the body and is often associated with Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, various allergies and other diseases. Even small doses of aluminum damage the central nervous system. Formaldehyde is another chemical that is commonly found in vaccinations. This chemical is also found in disinfectants and causes various diseases.

Studies show that formaldehyde can cause cancer. One reason why a prohibition ordinance was initially issued for this substance, but the industry prevailed against this ban because the economic benefit for the corporations is too great. In the end, the financial aspect comes first and our health is only secondary to these powerful companies. Vaccine preparations are enriched with other toxic substances! Whether artificial acids, antibiotics, heavy metals or even emulsifiers, all these disease-causing agents are used in the manufacture of various vaccine preparations. There is therefore no vaccine that is not enriched with neurotoxic substances.

Targeted poisoning and dumbing down of humanity!
For this reason, vaccinations are now also associated with so-called early infant death. Well, this is absolutely not surprising, because how should a newborn baby process such a chemical cocktail. A newborn does not yet have a pronounced or fully developed immune system, at the same time all the body’s own functionalities, organs, bones and the like are growing and at this early stage the newborn is administered highly dangerous substances.

The blood-brain barrier is also not yet fully developed and has difficulty processing heavy metals and other toxic substances, especially in the early stages of development. The result is that these substances cross the blood-brain barrier unhindered and cause considerable damage to the brain. You have to imagine it, a newborn baby, a living being, is pumped full of highly toxic substances after its birth. For decades, people accepted this as a humanitarian necessity, even advocated it, and people who acted against it were ridiculed and considered conspiracy theorists (a word that is deliberately used by the mass media to turn the masses against people who think differently conditioning) stamped. As soon as these chemicals pass through the bloodstream of a newborn baby, the foundation for subsequent secondary diseases is laid. Various allergies, neurological disorders, immune deficiencies, growth problems, dullness and countless other secondary diseases usually become noticeable in later years.

The incredible story of vaccination
The Austrian doctor Dr. Johann Loibner has dealt intensively with the history and origins of vaccination and clearly shows the charlatanism and money-cutting behind this gigantic fraud system. By withdrawing his license to practice medicine, the vaccination industry has ennobled him as an expert in education, because anyone who becomes too dangerous for these criminals must be eliminated at all costs.

The vaccination system tips over
The biologist Dr. In his lecture, Stefan Lanka reveals documents that prove that doctors, the media and, above all, the judiciary lie massively in order to guarantee the continued existence of the vaccination – a crime that destroys the foundations of biological life: Mercury is highly toxic and can be described as a neurotoxin because it blocks the transmission of stimuli. Nevertheless, it is contained in the vast majority of vaccines and has a bactericidal effect.

In addition, it was possible to observe live in an experiment how mercury prevents the growth of nerve cells or even reduces them. It seems almost unbelievable that we nevertheless voluntarily allow ourselves and especially our children and babies to inject this poison.

You are probably wondering whether the subject is not too sensitive to “just forego vaccinations as a matter of principle”? Or maybe you think that at least this or that vaccination should be given “as a precaution” because the allegedly prevented disease is too high a risk? Furthermore, would reputable and knowledgeable doctors really ever inject you or your children with something dangerous or useless?

On this basis, namely without any background knowledge, you should better not make any decision at all. So why not pass the risk on to those who supposedly know what they’re doing and consider the vaccinations safe, effective, and harmless? The doctors.

Before the next vaccination for you or your child, have the vaccinating doctor sign the AEGIS form. If he refuses, ask him why and consider whether you would instead be prepared to bear the risk of paralysis, brain damage, anaphylactic shock or even death, and why the doctor, despite – or perhaps because of – his knowledge, accepts any liability for wants to exclude himself.

Tweet of March 28, 2014 from Donald John Trump:

donald john trump tweet about vaccines

A healthy child goes to the doctor, is pumped full of vaccines, then feels bad and developed – AUTISM. Many such cases! Donald John Trump.

A son of the Hollywood robot Robert de Niro is a vaccine victim and is therefore an autistic.

Robert de Niro produced a film “Vaxxim” and wanted to enlighten with it. Then he was “strictly warned” – because he is also a Hollywood strain, he was first “warned – to withdraw this film immediately and no longer express himself critical of vaccination.” Which he then followed. For this he was invited to the White House together with Bruce Springsteen (The Boss) by Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama) and was “awarded” an “Honor Medal” for special Hollywood obedience. Both are also “rewarded” with a star in the “Walk of Fame” in Los Angeles on Hollywood Boulevard.

Supplement to the Walk of Fame
In 2007 Donald Trump received his star for his television shows. The star has been repeatedly damaged, most recently in July 2018 by a 24-year-old who was charged with willful damage. In August 2018, the West Hollywood City Council called for the star to be removed, as Trump’s behavior towards women and immigrants and his rejection of climate protection are incompatible with the values of this region. This is the first time the distance to one of the 2,500 stars is discussed. Why do these Hollywood people want to remove Donald Trump’s star now? Because Donald Trump does not belong – not one of the Satanists!

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