Drawing: The Truth About Smoking - Realize WHO Manipulation

The Truth About Smoking – Realize WHO Manipulation

The bigger the front, the bigger the back! The more wonderful the front, the more tragic the back! The happier the beginning, the more unhappy the end! The reverse is always true. One won = one lost and one lost = one won. That is the law of life in the relatively limited world.

There is no such thing as black smoker’s lung, nor does white non-smoker’s lung exist! This is one of the many propagandistic lies and inventions of the BAG, BMG & HiAP, DKFZ, FDA and the WHO!

Here Prof. Dr. med. Michael Tsokos at Markus Lanz in the show: “There is no such thing as a black smoker’s lung”. Besides him, thousands of professors and doctors have come to the same conclusion.

You can safely assume that when something is fought so aggressively by the WHO, it is often good for people. Conversely, when the WHO is a fervent supporter of something, it is often harmful to people. Why is the tobacco being so deliberately poisoned? Because that means another healthy product is no longer healthy and can no longer be used as a remedy!

Why are the sugar industry and the animal factory industry not being fought as massively as the tobacco industry? Sugar and animal protein are the causes of 8 out of 10 diseases!

Because the WHO Satanists know that sugar is toxic – so they let people consume it.

Why are the WHO Satanists fighting the tobacco industry so massively? Because they know that natural tobacco can even be used as a medicine. See the Indians, traditional Chinese medicine, the shamans, the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, the ancient Swiss farmers and much more

Smoking natural tobacco does not cause lung cancer – on the contrary, it even prevents lung cancer and protects against toxins such as chemtrails etc.

I also have an explanation for the smoker’s cough. That slime that comes off doesn’t come from smoking – about as little as skin cancer is caused by the sun. Rather, this slime comes from refined white household sugar (honey is also such a sugar) and the slimy GMO glyphosate hybrid wheat-white flour and dairy products, etc.

The Indians used to regard natural tobacco as a remedy for a variety of diseases. Since commercial cigarettes contain unnatural chemicals and sugar, you should avoid them and roll your own cigarettes. Use naturally grown tobacco and chemically untreated cigarette paper. Tobacco is not a necessity like food, but a stimulant.

Important! I’m not saying smoking isn’t unhealthy. I say smoking doesn’t have to be unhealthy. I say smoking IS unhealthy BUT it doesn’t HAVE to be unhealthy.

There are also tobacco products that are not put in addictive sugar water – and are made without TOXIC additives. If you already want to smoke, please smoke an organic natural tobacco without additives.

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