The systematic programming via TV

Children watching TV. You are in a hypnosis-like state and take in every image and every piece of information unfiltered. You are programmed. Consciousness and subconscious are formed. Why do you immediately develop feelings for a scene that you know is not real, sometimes stronger than in real life? Why do you stare at a television set in a trance?

The systematic TV manipulation
We could see in the course of television history that the sequence of images was getting shorter and shorter. (approx. 3.5 seconds) with fewer and fewer scenes.

From the Leading Edge Protocol: “When we are bombarded with rich visual images, enormous amounts of beta waves are produced, alphas are suppressed, due to the extreme situation of the visual cortex”. In other words, the right brain function, the intuition is ruined in favor of the beta-logical thinking function of the left brain and anxious feelings. Ironically (and apparently slightly contradicting this) with such a flood of images, thinking is also switched off, as Dick Sutphen found out (in Shekinah 1/93: Television mind-control, Hi-Tech Brain washing & your TV).

How does it work? Sutphen made his first experience in a hall with thousands of listeners who listened to a charming speaker like hypnotized people. He noticed how he switched from a conscious to an unconscious state – back and forth, and found out that this was caused by a signal generator behind the air conditioning, which gave a vibration cycle of 6: 7 per second. 10 to 25 percent of the population is very sensitive to this signal alone and perceives the speaker’s messages as commands in this state.

In the voice of a singer or in music, this is called vibrato. Similar cycles were found for ELF, with an even higher rate of influence (30 percent in a few seconds). Cycles under 6 seconds pissed people off, at 8.2 / s they felt high, uplifted, at 11-11.3 / s they became depressed, etc. It’s easy to hypnotize people when watching TV. When we speak of hypnosis here, we don’t mean the extreme state that most people know from films or stories, and which borders on a mystery. Suspension of thought and a certain lack of will is also a form of hypnosis. This has been found to happen when every 32nd frame in the film is non-image / black. “This creates a 45-beats-per-minute pulsation that is only perceived by the subconscious. Ideal for creating a deep hypnosis, during which we become receptive to the content being broadcast. ” And the more we watch TV, the deeper the hypnosis goes, to the point that even children can hardly stand TV withdrawal.

At this point, most should notice that television addiction in children is not a trend or addiction to certain programs because of their content. TV releases enkelphalins and beta-endorphins in the body; these are substances that get you high and are also released when you take some drugs. This pleasant state would like to be created more and more often and longer.

As an example: You are watching a program that you don’t like at all. In very few cases do you become aggressive. You are almost always able to endure almost anything that relates to the content of a program. But if you were there live, you could hardly stand it because the content doesn’t suit you at all. – Pay attention to it. In a test, 23–36 percent of those questioned could no longer answer the question about the content after just a few minutes after the start of a program. We have to conclude from this that not only the thoughts are switched off, but also the attention, in good German, the conscious perception. It is forgotten for our intellect (consciousness), but the effect of the images on our subconscious (the feelings) can last longer.

When you go into deep trance, you must be instructed to remember, otherwise you will automatically be forgotten. And if you can’t remember, you can’t judge critically either. But anyway there is no opportunity to do so in the course of the program.

Sutphon: “I only touched the tip of an iceberg. If you start to combine the subconscious messages behind the music, subconscious images on the screen, hypnotically produced visual effects and trance inducers, then you have an extremely effective brainwashing. ” Sutphen also mentions an invention by his friend, Pat Flanagan, who invented a (medical) device for influencing – with astonishing effect.

When he applied for a patent, it was confiscated from him by the NSA (National Security Agency) for two years. Subliminals are messages that are sent subconsciously. For example, one could fill any of the black images above with an advertising message. They would then be accepted unconsciously and put into practice for many people. (E.g. buying a product.) Another aspect of television manipulation can be found in James de Meo’s: “The Orgone Accumulator”.

He also found that turning off the television, especially among young people, was more difficult than turning it on, although the program, as already mentioned, was a minor matter. “Like cocaine-addicted laboratory mice, children and adults can become dependent on the effects of the television.” He calls this phenomenon the “gawk syndrome”. And he names an important function and an important reason. The emotionally stunted adults and children need the television to escape social or family problems ”.

He recalls Reich: “The orgone is the energy of feelings”. In other words: the television alienates us from the feelings and the appropriate free handling of them. Inciting programs increase this alienation from ourselves.

Do not forget how many people are under mind control and react exactly as they were programmed. A large part of the people still only gets information through the puppet media.

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