The risk of a cancer diagnosis today is 1 in 2

We hear again and again from certain politicians, economic strategists, scientists and physicians that we have never been as well as we are today, how great the progress is that our society is experiencing today.

The fact is: Medicine has made such great progress in the last 100 years that there are practically no healthy people left today.

The risk of a cancer diagnosis:

In 1930 the risk was 1 in 30

In 1980 the risk was 1 in 7

In 1990 the risk was 1 in 5

In 1995 the risk was 1 in 4

In 2000 the risk was 1 in 2

In 2017 the risk was …

And rising further

Think about this fact:

Our food forms the quality of our blood,

Our blood forms the quality of our cells,

Our cells form the quality of our organs

healthy food = healthy blood = healthy organs

unhealthy food = unhealthy blood = diseased organs

We can replace cancer with any other disease

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