The rapid corona virus attack

The corona virus attack

Since the bogus money – with its interest robbery system – is now collapsing, this “corona virus” comes like a “scapegoat gift” for the financial criminals in the Deep State.

For healthy people with a healthy immune system, this COVID-19 virus does not have to be more dangerous than any “annual flu”.

And for people with compromised immune systems, this virus is just as dangerous as any other flu.
So it is important to have a healthy immune system – in body, soul and spirit.

But what is dangerous in any case – also undisputed by me – is the panic and the consequences in people’s behavior.
I also recommend observing the sensible precautionary measures for health.

The already so often cited financial and currency crash – which happens even without this “panic virus” – is only a loss for the super-rich – for them to bear well. For the “normal” people this is a difficult transition phase.
Dangerous are the rulers in the deep state – with their deep state vassals, which also includes the governments with their authorities – who consciously and ruthlessly exploit such situations in order to impose new laws – rules of the game – which the freedoms of the ruled restrict even more, destroy families and consciously weaken their health.

We should be vigilant and take care of our own health as much as possible in order to survive this artificially created phase as safely as possible.
The pharmaceutical industry and its doctors take care of the disease (s) because you live on it.
For our health and well-being, we have to decide and act ourselves, because that’s what we live on.

Stock up in various forms – there are countless lists as recommendations – as far as the money can go. But without panicking.

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