The massive sugar poisoning – The greatest harm to mankind

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1st edition 2023

The massive sugar poisoning

Sugar, chemical formula C12H22011 is a drug.

The majority of people completely misjudge the drug sugar. Sugar is not a food but a drug. Yet, above all others, it is a poison. Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine!


The term food suggests that it contains nutrients. Sugar contains no nutrients at all. On the contrary, sugar is the biggest nutrient robber of all. It leads to a total over-acidification in the organism.


The sugar mania has taken on such proportions that the worldwide sugar consumption per capita averages 170 g of sugar per day. Per year this is about 60 kg and in a lifetime of 70 years it is about 5’000 kg, i.e., 5 tons of pure sugar.


1 sugar cube corresponds to 3 g. 1 kg of sugar cubes equals 333 sugar cubes. In a year this is about 19’980 cubes of sugar, and in a life of 70 years it is 1’398’600 cubes of sugar.


Every 20 seconds, someone’s diabetic foot or lower leg is amputated worldwide. Every second person develops cancer cells and dies from them.


This book serves as a guide leading from dependency back to freedom and thus to physical, mental and spiritual health.


All things in this universe, including our health and way of life, change continuously. The only permanent element is the incessant change. Human beings should regain a sense of truth.


It is only through understanding Mea Culpa that a change of attitude is possible, which directs one’s energy toward liberation.

Weight 0.695 kg
Dimensions 17.00 × 24.00 cm


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