The Light Warriors have already won

There are two main groups of people:

  1. The group in the Matrix Prison who cannot or does not want to break free.
  2. The group outside the Matrix Prison that has already freed itself.

The 1st group will race into the abyss in this transformation, and the 2nd group will have a great time. The choice of which group someone belongs to is made by everyone. It is also up to you to decide with which attitude you will interact with your fellow human beings. Do you want to be a nose ring guide or a guide master? Here too, how we treat people is crucial. The separation of secret knowledge and matrix knowledge already existed in very early times. Even the pharaohs and kings carefully separated who was allowed to know which knowledge. According to the Matrix-Irr-doctrine, it is not nature that decides whether a theory is correct, but an ideology.

What happens to the sleeping sheep …
The term “sleeping sheep” is just another term for “matrix prisoners”. And when matrix prisoners wake up – become aware that they were in a mental prison where they could not think for themselves, but had to think under external suggestions – that will first destroy their familiar and accustomed view of the world. These are bad and difficult moments. They will wander around disoriented for a while and accept any reasonable-sounding “teaching” before they find confidence in the natural order. Little by little, however, they will also receive natural knowledge and become able to think and act independently. They will understand Mea Culpa, learn to trust the natural order and then find their way …

More and more people are waking up. More and more people are communicating. More and more people stand with each other, to each other, instead of apart, against each other. The critical mass that was never supposed to form is on the verge of forming.

The minority I am talking about is big enough if it consists of the square root of 1%. Example: For a city of 1,000,000 people, 100 people are sufficient – provided that all 100 act at the same time and with the same attitude.

Why is that? Because the majority of 1,000,000 people never all at the same time and without a doubt invest the same thoughts in the same area. However, 100 awakened people can do that. For this, however, it is necessary that this minority simultaneously send the same thoughts into the “sea of all possibilities” – also called collective consciousness – in order to achieve the desired effect. Otherwise these thoughts remain limited to the individual, without the desired effect.

It is always and in all areas a minority that determines what happens.

It takes 1000 people for a city of 1’000’000 people to wake up.
Hasn’t the 1000 per city yet been reached for the great change?

These 1’000 would have to meditate at the same time and also send the same message.

This is the only way that this effective group AI emerges. If these conditions are not met, there will be 1,000 scattered individual AIs. I alone can reach my loved ones with my heart AI – immediately and at any place – and achieve the perceived effect. But my loved ones are not 1’000’000.

Gregg Braden has already tried this experiment several times with 1’000 people and was able to measure the effect. It already works. But only if the conditions are met.

I don’t have to free everyone on my own. My minority is enough to teach a small majority the right way. And of these students only a tiny minority will again reach the path master level … in order to continue teaching the teaching themselves … That’s always been enough.

The effect should not be underestimated because it does not work linearly, but exponentially.

My attitude and interpretation:
The more terror messages are spread, the more fear arises in the mind. A lot of people, a lot of minds, a lot of fear. Devilishly ingenious, this system.

The more good news is spread, the more harmony is created in people’s minds. A lot of people, a lot of minds, a lot of harmony. Think carefully about which energy you support and share.

Each form of energy synchronizes with the form of energy of the same frequency. Consequently, the satanic beings need the appropriate – in this case fear energy – that they can absorb. This energy corresponds to the vibrational pattern of people’s low emotions, such as fear, frustration, depression.

For the most part, the system media only send negative and terrifying messages, which are also remedied according to the manipulators’ taste. That’s why you need people with strong heart KI, healthy people with clear, upright, honest minds.

I share nature knowledge to help people, to support them and to reunite the one world family.

Our father already explained this difference to us children when we were still young and taught ourselves: You can and should disregard the rules of the game if your conscience demands it. With the addition: BUT if you have to do that, then always observe the 11th commandment: You must not get caught doing it, otherwise they will pursue you and destroy you.

I’ll give you an example: If the law tells you to kill other people, then resist. The historian knows how often this happens in human history.

Those who oppose are outlaws … I call them “game rules violators”.

When the national “SOCIALISTS” ruled, it was also law to serve them by obedience. Anyone who broke these “laws” was a traitor. Anyone who followed the laws of the national “SOCIALISTS” was a murderer for it. For this he receives an order from the rulers and is a “hero” – but before God he charges himself a heavy karma, which he has to take responsibility for and correct himself.

Much worse than any criminal command from the command giver is the fear and / or greed-driven obedience of the command receiver. Without this obedience, all these commands are just wishes with no effect.

If you let fear control you, you are supporting the satanists. If you let your conscience steer you, the angels will protect you. With the formulations you still have to choose wisely so that the Satanists do not see through you. Always remember: the most dangerous kind of stupidity is a sharp mind.

Before anything else and at all costs, study the order of the universe .
Then we can unveil our judgment – our consciousness – and interpret the changes correctly. Those who obey the laws of nature with their conscience are always on the right path. Those who obey the “legal rules of the game” with their conscience will fall into the abyss. Whoever sacrifices freedom to maintain security will in the end lose both. However, trust in the natural order overcomes fear of the abyss.

If a manageable group of people wants to permanently exert power over the great masses, the stability of the system can only be achieved by controlling the most important resource: knowledge!

Now many will ask: When will this change come? When is it ready? And many will ask: Who is making this change?

The change is not being made by science, the pharmaceutical industry or politicians. Governments can enact laws – their rules of the game – such as mandatory vaccination and compulsory poisoning, but they cannot change the natural order by law. Also no “extraterrestrials” (we humans are all extraterrestrial beings anyway, we come from outside the earth and incarnate here as guests for a short period) can change your life for you. Only you can do that. You yourself must be the change you desire. From the very moment when a person has freed themselves from this fear, the power of the rulers over this person is at an end. For every person who was able to free themselves completely from the matrix prison, this change has already happened. Everyone else is still waiting for it.

Satanists think and act differently … and as long as they still see a chance to survive, they will activate their entire arsenal in order to realize this chapter of their NWO as well. And to think in this – early – phase that they have already been eliminated would be extremely dangerous.

They are only eliminated when they are actually eliminated.
The federalists have to be very careful and cannot be too transparent because the Satanists are still very powerful. What happens to the criminals? They are either arrested and tried in a military court and taken to Guantanamo, or killed beforehand. But they are eliminated. These criminals will all be held accountable. And if you watch carefully you will see that X-thousands of these criminals have already been eliminated.

The system media just does not report on it because the system media is still under the control of the Satanists.

But that will change too … They are still powerful now, but they will soon become windfall …

A lot is happening outside the public … it’s going according to plan …

Many keep asking: who will win?Answer: The darkness cannot be stronger than the light. If we open the door leading from a dark room to a light room, the dark room will become lighter, but the light room will not become darker. So do not place your trust in the power of demons, place your trust in the power of angels. When you close your physical eyes, it becomes dark for the physical eyes. When you open your spiritual eyes, it becomes light even in the darkest of nights. Or have you ever experienced that you have not seen anything in a dream where it is physically totally dark?

The Light Warriors have already won!
We freedom-loving and just federalists and patriots are no longer in the minority, as the left with their manipulative media suggests.
Many still hope that we may still win. And some are sure we will win. And few people know that we have already won. Very few understand the theorem:
Win first and then start.
In this great change, the natural order provided that we, freedom-loving and just federalists and patriots, win against the dark powers.

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