The health benefits of meditation

As humans, we possess a consciousness with free potential and the ability to change by adapting to our natural environment. Whether we are aware of this or not. In life we face many difficulties, challenges, and disappointments. At such times, meditation can help us regain direction and harmony in our lives.

Why you should meditate

There are different ways to influence our health. For example the path through nutrition or the path through the mind. We can largely choose the food ourselves. So it’s the easiest and easiest way to make change, but also the longest way. On the spiritual level, zazen (sitting ZEN or ZEN meditation) is the most direct and hardest way, but the shortest and most direct way. In both ways, a healthy mind is a prerequisite. Where this knowledge is insufficient, an experienced path master should temporarily take over the management.

What are the health benefits of meditation

  • Meditation helps you cope with psychological stress more easily
  • Meditation helps you to breathe properly – to breathe out acids
  • Meditation helps you age more slowly
  • Meditation helps you to calm down with your mind
  • Meditation helps you – without wanting to – to cognition
  • Meditation helps you with pain
  • Meditation helps you with fears
  • Meditation helps you to learn – non-thinking – to think
  • Meditation helps you to get in harmony with your being


Two basic types of meditation

There are two basic types of meditation:

1. the Yang meditation (Mokuto), which activates the Hara (area one hand wide below the navel), also known as QI-Ocean, and stabilizes the mind and body towards the center of the earth, and
2. the Yin meditation, (Mokuso), which is directed to the midbrain – also called the third eye – and leads us to the vibrational and spiritual worlds.

The first type of meditation fills us with energy so that we become imperturbable like a mountain or a rock. Our confidence grows and our spirit becomes invincible. In Yang meditation, emphasis is placed on exhalation. Here we breathe down to the area of the Hara, hold the breath there for a while, and then exhale. When we meditate like this for a while, emphasizing the long exhalation, our body heat rises. This meditation is very good for overcoming sadness, depression and fear, and for developing will and determination.

The second type of meditation opens the body and spirit to the world of consciousness and to the next life. In Yin meditation, we focus on the energy center in the brain stem, holding the hands open next to the body and emphasizing inhalation. Through the stronger inhalation, the body rises to the sky. The body temperature drops, the hands become drier and the metabolism slows down. People who are experienced in this type of meditation eventually enter a state of unlimited consciousness. The consciousness can “detach” from the physical body and synchronize with spiritual realms in the universe.

In addition to these two forms, there are many other forms of meditation, introspection, and prayer. Consciousness can be directed towards self-development, healing others, helping the deceased, and satisfying the world as a whole. For example, through prayers we can help the wandering spirits to enter the Yu-Kai. Whereby praying should not be understood as pleading, or even begging, but as communicating with angels in a state of joy and gratitude.

The basic forms of meditation Yang meditation concentrates the energy on the energy center in the lower abdomen, while Yin meditation focuses on the midbrain.

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Through meditation, self-reflection and prayer, we are able to transform ourselves to the world around us. When we change our state of mind, our body changes, just like a positive change in our physical state contributes to improving our mental state.

Through meditation and simple mental and spiritual exercises, we can reach the infinite source, free our mind from worries, and return to the everyday world refreshed and inspired for a new beginning.

Food and consciousness

Modern science only sees food in terms of its individual components, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and the various vitamins and minerals. There is no energetic understanding as QI, or the natural electromagnetic energy, cannot be measured either with the help of the physical senses or by apparatus. Today, the crucial question is: Can modern civilization develop a system of agriculture and food processing that is able to nourish higher vibrations and a higher consciousness so that humanity can overcome degenerative diseases and the imminent threat of war and continue its biological and spiritual evolution?

Grain grows upwards in an upright position and does not hang down with the upper sections of the plant – like various types of fruit. An emphatically plant-based diet has an expansive, uplifting effect on the spirit because plants vibrate at a higher frequency compared to animals. Animal-based foods, on the other hand, have a contracting, constricting effect not only on the physical body, but also on our consciousness, intellect and understanding and bind us to the earth. If we constantly eat meat, eggs, poultry and dairy products, it will be difficult for us to experience the higher vibrations of the spiritual world. Therefore, our daily diet is of the utmost importance for our spiritual development.

How is that possible? How can physical food affect our consciousness?

The explanation is as follows: If we consume food that slags our “receiver”, our brain, in other words, food that disrupts our “receiver” (brain), how can we establish a clean connection to the soul?

You can imagine it like a radio receiver that has a bad connection … You only hear rustling and now and then a few words or horrific, fragmentary pieces of music …

Our life is our dream, and the earth is our training and playground. What is a dream? What is the difference between a dream, reality and illusion? We are free to choose, formulate, and create the life we want to live. It’s entirely up to us. The whole universe is at our disposal. We have many millions of friends today who share the same diet and the same blood composition, who are awakening more and more and who are recognizing true life.

We should not strive for goals and targets, but should instead live life properly. If we truly live in the “here and now”, then we are always “on target”. The WAY is the goal. Or, the way IS the goal.

Meditation for Beginners

While we can observe that things are becoming more and more concentrated in the world, it is all the more important to remain calm and to form communities in which one supports one another.

Our health is important. Why is it so important to be healthy? Sick people have a sick consciousness. Sick people make sick decisions and drag others into the abyss with their sick decisions. Healthy people have a healthy consciousness. Healthy people make healthy decisions and help other people to become healthy and to walk in the high frequency ranges.

Less experienced people shouldn’t do anything other than meditate – just shikantaza. I have already shown how you can meditate properly. Now I want to show you another exercise that you can easily do every day and which offers a good opportunity as an introduction to meditation practice.

Sit on a chair in an upright meditation position – center yourself – and be confident. Turn off all jammers such as TV, music, cell phone, bell, etc.

Enclose each individual finger with all fingers – one at a time – with the opposite hand.

Concentrate on a long, relaxed exhale. Inhale deeply – hold your breath for 2 seconds and exhale slowly and deeply. Nine deep, long, relaxed exhalations per finger are good for mental and spiritual detoxification and to bring us into harmony with the order in the universe.

Why do I say nine long, relaxed breaths and not seven? Because 7 is the highest number in the physical earth world. And the 9 already belongs – as a connection – to the spiritual world.

We all want to live in a healthy, peaceful world. For this it is important to harmonize body, soul and spirit. I recommend you to meditate every day and your own beliefs – you can say the beliefs out loud or half aloud at the beginning and with increasing security, you can “only” think and feel your beliefs. Your beliefs – which will help you on your way to holistic health, a clear, unveiled consciousness and bring you closer to your dreams.

How often should you meditate

How often someone should meditate depends on what state they are in. I recommend everyone to meditate daily, even if only for a short period of 5 to 10 minutes.

If you really want to understand the large area about body, soul and spirit, then I recommend my book: InYology – the detailed teaching of Yin and Yang.

InYology - The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

InYology is a magical compass to understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe.

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