The fluoride lie and systematic poisoning

Water does not always only mean life, but increasingly also death. Especially when the WHO’s request (in cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry) for global fluoridation of drinking water becomes a reality. It’s bad enough that you brush your teeth with this rat poison and ingest it with food. Studies show that fluoride makes you stupid and causes cancer.

According to the New York Times, there is more medication in the drinking water of New York City than in a good pharmacy. These include antidepressants, pain relievers, and of course, fluoride.

In truth, fluoride was and is a means of population control. The chronic ingestion of fluorides has been shown to decrease IQ and lead to serious diseases such as cell proliferation, also known as cancer. Fluoride damages and kills cells.

Nevertheless, the WHO is promoting a global forced fluoridation of drinking water. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry supports and promotes this do-gooder program of the WHO and is looking forward to an exorbitant business with the poor or exploited countries (matrix term for this is Third World) of this earth.

Fluoride is pure poison. Fluoride is a by-product of coal processing, ore roasting, and the glass, and ceramic industries. In many other industrial processes, fluorides are also used as auxiliaries, for example in the production of steel, aluminum, beryllium, uranium processing, etc.

Since the 1940s, fluoride has been the panacea for caries prophylaxis. It is easy to overlook the fact that fluoride is a dangerous poison, the toxicity of which is higher than that of lead and which must be handled with extensive safety precautions in the chemical laboratory. The same substance that is added to our toothpaste – sodium fluoride – is also a very powerful insecticide or rat poison.


Children swallow up to a third, which corresponds to 0.3-0.9 mg / day with conventional fluoridated toothpaste.

Scientific studies suggest that swallowing fluoride through toothpaste could be a cause of stained teeth.

Florid jellies, varnishes and mouthwashes:

Fluoride is absorbed by the oral mucosa and thus gets directly into the bloodstream and into the organism.

Fluoridated table salt with 0.25mg / g salt. The share of fluoridated table salt was already around 23% in 1997, based on the entire market.

Tooth filling materials such as glass ionomer cements and compomers as well as tooth sealing materials.

Among other things, fluoride has the hazard labels: very toxic.

Flourides are added to drinking water, table salt and most toothpastes – this is called fluoridation.

The same substance that is added to our toothpaste – sodium fluoride – is also a very effective insecticide and rat poison!

The effect on the human psyche is more alarming. Fluoride slowly but gradually switches off human free will.

Valuable calcium from fluoride “bound and gagged”

The fluoride in sodium fluoride is not particularly tightly bound to its sodium molecule.

Rather, it seeks the company of calcium molecules, with which – as soon as it has found some – it eagerly connects.

Fluorides find a lot of calcium in the blood of living beings. This is how calcium fluorides are formed there.

However, the calcium in the blood was originally intended for other purposes. Without calcium we would not be able to move our muscles, without calcium toxins could penetrate our cells and acids would drive us to death (because calcium neutralizes them and thus makes them harmless).

But now our valuable calcium is “packed” by the fluorides and can then no longer work for our organism; it’s blocked.

But don’t worry, the fluoridation experts will calm you down. The dose makes the poison. The However, it is the greatest nonsense of all time, because toxic elements or compounds always are toxic, even if the quantities are so small.

Or to put it another way: arsenic, just like potassium cyanide or fluoride always toxic. These substances do not suddenly become nontoxic when present in tiny amounts.

Criminal pharmaceutical criminals, dentists and lying propagandists maintain the lie – “the dose makes the poison” – of course, cheerfully continue.

As is common with all so-called trace elements – and that includes natural Fluoride – the human body really only needs the smallest traces of it.

This vital minimum dose has long been contained in almonds, walnuts, radishes as well as in leafy vegetables and wild plants – in the form that is optimally usable for the body and in a completely sufficient dose.

So-called “experts” love to peddle scientifically sounding recommendations about the “optimal dose”, but the “authorities” – as always – not only do not agree on the calculation of a minimum, recommended, maximum or toxic In practice, dose turns out to be sheer impossibility for several reasons.

If you look up the specialist literature, you will still find something: 1.5 to 4.0 milligrams of fluoride per day is given as a guideline value for adults.

It is urgently pointed out that the specified upper limit should not be exceeded over a long period of time.

Chronic ingestion, especially of small amounts of synthetic fluoride, leads to poisoning which manifests itself in damage to the skeleton, teeth, lung function, skin and metabolic disorders.

The pharmacologist and toxicologist Professor Steyn (South Africa) put it this way:

“Fluorides form the strongest broad-spectrum enzyme poisons known to us. For example, in a concentration of 1: 15 million, they still inhibit the activity of the enzyme lipase, which is absolutely necessary for fat digestion. ”

The poisoning of our enzymes ensures that thousands of metabolic processes in the organism no longer run properly, which consequently has considerable adverse effects on our state of health.

Suddenly symptoms appear, which are then mistakenly confused with well-known diseases of civilization, but which are in reality the result of creeping fluoride poisoning.

Do you already have illnesses such as B. heart disease, sclerosis, periodontal disease, liver and kidney disease or cancer, fluoride causes a drastic worsening of these diseases.

Fluorides also affect mental abilities and create willlessness and indifference.

Fluoride is one of the most important components of 60 psychotropic drugs worldwide – because it has long been known in the relevant circles that fluoride slowly but inexorably switches off human free will.

Hoffman-La Roche, for example, has a tranquilizer called Rohypnol.

According to the manufacturer, the effect of the main active ingredient (a relative of Valium) could be increased tenfold with the help of fluoridation.

The remedy then has a “wonderful” calming and activity-inhibiting effect. However, taking Rohypnol also results in fairly low blood pressure, impaired memory, drowsiness, and confusion.

Fluoride is also one of the main active ingredients in so-called neuroleptics, which are used in psychiatry to treat psychoses such as anxiety.

The highly consciousness-depressing effect of fluoride is extremely welcome here! The patient treated in this way may never escape the clutches of his psychiatric supervisor again.

Nature has given us hard teeth and they don’t need to be made harder. Especially not with toxins like fluoride, which have the opposite effect.

Do not swallow fluoride toothpaste is not even a sham argument.
Fluoride enters the organism through the oral mucosa (tunica mucosa oris). The administration of drugs, supplements or even fluoride via the oral mucosa is often referred to as buccal (buccal = cheek mucosa) or sublingual (sublingual = mucous membrane under the tongue) administration. With this form of application, the active ingredient (fluoride) reaches the upper vena cava (superior vena cava) which leads to the right heart (blood circulation) via the blood vessels of the oral mucosa. In this way, the liver passage (first pass) is completely bypassed. The drug is not changed biochemically and is fully available to the body.

Tooth decay is caused by acidosis. Normally, the blood and tissues have a slightly basic pH value. If this is not the case, the body has to create bases. He gets them from the bones and teeth (dentine and basic calcium phosphate) to bring the pH value back into balance.

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