The difference between a guru and a master of the path of life

How do I know whether someone is a real master or a guru? How do I know if someone is teaching real knowledge or teaching matrix knowledge … ? Guiding downwards. Breeding dependents.

You should recognize whether someone is a guru – that is, someone who leads by means of nose ringing – or if he is a master of the path of life – in other words, a guidepost master. A guru breeds dependents and a path master leads the seeker towards independence. Then I distinguish whether a master teaches nature knowledge or applies the misguided matrix teaching.

And if somebody mentions a master to me whom I don’t know, then I don’t judge this master, but I rather say: I don’t know him.

Many so-called masters such as top raw food vegans, top esotericists, raw food extremists, top trance and top channeling masters, top coaches and many others – these people who are called “healers” by their students – or, more accurately, who call themselves “healers” – are primarily elitist socialists, that is, centralists, and are only secondarily committed to the natural order. They live at the expense of others and in the vast majority of cases are simply phonies.

There are masters who always preach: there are no diseases, there are only states of deficiency. You can fill up any deficiency and the disease is cured. These masters like to use the parable of the empty refrigerator or the car that is out of oil or gasoline.

Neither the refrigerator nor the car is sick. As soon as you fill up the refrigerator, it is healthy again. Only in humans do they fail to recognize these deficiencies.

Nobody asks these masters:
“Master, what do you do when you open the refrigerator and it is stuffed with sugar, dairy products, sweet drinks, alcohol, cheap meat, sausage products and as a result the refrigerator is slagged, moldy, and the pipes are clogged?”

A guru’s response:
I add this substance X or this medicine Y – it will help! Take it for two weeks, or preferably for the rest of your life.

A real master’s response:
This refrigerator is FULL, but full of diseases. What do you want to put here?

Rule 1 in my 5-area plan: Open the refrigerator and fill it with new, universal nature knowledge. Then comes rule number 2: “Leave out everything that is unhealthy”. Don’t fill it with new poison. Then comes rule 3, namely “Detoxify”. You should rid your refrigerator of anything unhealthy and toxic. Remove everything and clean the refrigerator. Then comes rule 4, which is “Healthy food”. Now you can fill it with healthy food. Rule number 5 is “Movement”. You should switch the refrigerator back on, the keyword is “activate”.

A guru teaches:
“You can’t believe this? Then it is high time to change your beliefs!”

I warn you:
Beware of such prompts! Every guru works with precisely such tenets.

I believe:
It is not “high time” for anything to be adopted even before we understand it.

Exactly this attitude of blind acceptance produces nothing but gramophones. I do not ask you to simply adopt my teaching right away. I recommend that you study my teaching and that you only adopt what you understand.

A guidepost is not an instructor.
It only shows the way: This way to disease and this way to health.

… and leaves every hiker with the choice to either follow this path, or to look for another path.

A path master can show you where the different paths lead to and leaves you the freedom of choice …

A path master is a “leader” and not a “herd animal”. A path master does not determine his path depending on whether the flock goes ahead of him. A path master is an example and not a copy.

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