Recognize and avoid weak rhetoric

A good rhetorician is only a good rhetorician – a good “technician”. No more and no less. He still lacks the right posture. Natural rhetoric is not just about practicing and performing techniques. Good technology alone does not set a person apart. By constant practice of the basic principles of the unity of mind and body, one can train one’s personality, develop oneself and become one with the universe. That is the real meaning of strength.

I strongly recommend studying rhetoric and understanding the principle of rhetoric. Then we can decide whether we want to use rhetoric to identify rhetorical manipulations (newspeak and foreign suggestion) – which I recommend, and use rhetorical manipulation to outsmart the other person – which I don’t recommend. I recommend studying rhetoric to expose matrix rhetoric and to apply natural rhetoric to yourself.

The aim of natural rhetoric is not that people should subordinate themselves, but rather that all people can flow with it. This is also a difference between a “phonograph master” and a “path master”. The phonograph masters will say: “This is just quibbling”.

The Way Masters say: “These differences are important for people to understand correctly.”

By understanding and applying the right rhetoric, we can learn to approach any situation with a positive attitude. A teaching cannot be better than the teacher’s understanding.

A translation cannot be better than the translator’s understanding. A person cannot be healthier than his consciousness with his judgment.

Why should we know the techniques of weak rhetoric? We should know what harms us so that we can avoid it. We should also know which food is unhealthy for us and can omit it.

Redirect the statement in order to devalue it

Two are sitting on their bot and fishing in the sunset. One says: “We are free, we can be thankful for that – other people are in captivity.” The other one now says, answer variant 1: “Yes, we can be grateful.” Answer variant 2: “It’s their own fault, they did something for it.”

What are the two variants about? One takes this energy from “yes we can be grateful.” The other does not take over and says, “It’s your own fault.”

This second technique is: diverting the statement in order to devalue it – or even to falsify it.

I call that working with insinuations. Because the first statement is to show gratitude and not to blame.

This technique is immediately exposed by every rhetoric master and fall back on the manipulator.

It is better not to stick to the words you have chosen for the description.

Do not dissect the words with the intellect. Feel only the pure information beyond words.

Feeling the Truth with the Heart I affirm that this is the truth.

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