Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes: Grated Apple Pie

Grandma’s apple pie – everyone knows it and everyone loves it. Especially in autumn and at Christmas time it is very popular. It is not only a real treat as a dessert, but also very popular as a gift when you are invited to dinner. We use rice malt for

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Healthy Recipes: Spelt Bread with Cooked Brown Rice

This crispy and fluffy spelt bread with cooked brown rice will inspire you. You can combine it any way you like – there are no limits to your creativity. Especially in autumn or winter, a slice of bread tastes excellent, for example, with a fine pumpkin soup. We do not

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Healthy Recipes: Vegetable and Rice Pan

Time is running out again – it just has to be quick. Again, this is no reason to eat unhealthy food. Not only will you be done quickly with this simple recipe, it will fill you up for a long time and give your body everything it needs. Carbohydrates, proteins

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Healthy Recipes: Stuffed Pumpkin with Arame Seaweed

We will show you how to prepare a very healthy and delicious autumn dish with pumpkin. The special thing is that we fill the pumpkin with arame. Arame belongs to the family of brown algae. You can find many important nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and trace elements in the

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Healthy Recipes: Creamy Pumpkin Soup

This creamy pumpkin soup tastes great on cozy fall days, and when paired with some homemade spelt bread and sautéed tempeh, makes for a satisfying meal. A good pumpkin soup is simply part of autumn. Our recipe is super simple, very creamy, quick to make and always works. Pumpkin is

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Healthy Recipes: The World’s Best Pizza Dough

You love pizza and would like to prepare it fresh yourself? Then you will love our world’s best pizza dough. Here we show you how you can bake a healthy whole grain pizza at home. The pizza dough with whole grain flour is not only prepared in no time –

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Healthy Recipes: Delicious Pancakes without Sugar

For many, pancakes are simply a part of Sunday brunch. We say that you can enjoy this healthy variant not only for breakfast, but also as a snack in between. With this recipe you can easily prepare fluffy and healthy pancakes. You can also vary this simple basic recipe as

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Healthy Recipes: Nut and Fruit Spelt Rice Bread

Our crispy nut and fruit spelt rice bread not only looks delicious, it also tastes like that. It is full of healthy nuts and dried fruits, and with the addition of cooked brown rice it gets a juicy texture. We use only whole spelt flour and cooked brown rice. The

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Healthy Recipes: Steamed Spelt Rice Miso Bread

You have certainly not heard the term steamed bread very often. At first it sounds unusual and you do not associate it with a crispy crust. This is true and exactly how it should be. Because just as the crust gives something soft a limitation, so the bread without crust

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