Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes: Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

These vegan oatmeal cookies are not only quick to prepare, they are also delicious and healthy. Ideal for young and old – whether at home with a hot cup of tea, on the road, for the children’s birthday, or as a small snack for in between. With our recipe we

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Healthy Recipes: Baked Trout

Fish can be on your menu at least once a week. Due to their high protein content in combination with the low fat content and the high-quality omega-3 fatty acids, trout are very healthy. They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, A and E. You can enjoy trout with

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Healthy recipes: Japanese-style sauteed vegetables

You can enjoy sautéed vegetables alone – without a side dish – or serve them with wholegrain rice or spelled spaghetti. But it is also ideal as a vegetable side dish at a cozy barbecue evening with family and friends. There are no limits to your own imagination. The vegetables

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Healthy recipes: Delicious sushi nori rolls

Did you know that sushi is traditionally eaten by hand in Japan? Sushi does not originate – as many assume – in Japan, but comes from near the Southeast Asian river Mekong. There, when fishing, the fish was placed in boiled rice, in which it was fermented and thus lasted

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Healthy Recipes: Hummus with Seaweed

Hummus is an oriental specialty made from pureed chickpeas or field beans, sesame puree, healthy oil, lemon juice, sea salt and spices such as garlic, pepper and occasionally cumin. It is ideal as a spread or dip. Hummus is served warm or cold. Nowadays, the chickpea paste is already available

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Healthy Recipes: Porridge – The Healthy All-Rounder

Do you know the wonderful properties that oats offer for your health? Oats is a healthy cereal, it is very rich in nutrients. Oats contains biotin for beautiful skin and hair – vitamins B1 and B6 for strong nerves and balanced psyche – iron and magnesium are also rich in

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Healthy Recipes: Seaweed Condiment with Tamari

Seaweed is the easiest to introduce into a macrobiotic kitchen that has just been converted. Rich in calcium, iron and other valuable minerals, they strengthen the heart, kidneys and nerves. Seaweeds are also valuable food for all vegetarians. They also offer great advantages for industrialized countries, where nowadays there is

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Healthy Recipes: Baked Cauliflower with Tahini

This recipe isn’t just for cauliflower. You can also use it to prepare any other vegetable. Whole grain rice, potatoes or pasta go perfectly with it. It is quick to prepare and is also suitable for a large number of guests. ingredients 1 cauliflower 1 tofu 2 tbsp tahini (sasame

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Healthy Recipes: Miso Soup with Tofu

Learn in this article how you can easily prepare the miso soup with tofu yourself. Miso soup comes from Japan and is considered a national dish there. It is not only very healthy, but will also delight you with its taste. A bowl of miso soup has a calming, relaxing

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