Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes: Sweet Potato Fries

These sweet potato fries are a healthy and delicious alternative to greasy and unhealthy fast food fries. They have a subtle sweet aroma and, when prepared correctly, become crispy even in the oven. Did you know that the sweet potato belongs to the bindweed family and is only very distantly

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Healthy Recipes: Healthy Coleslaw

Our healthy and vitamin-rich coleslaw is a fantastic recipe for a salad buffet at parties. Cold coleslaw tastes refreshing and delicious, especially in summer. In any case, you should never reach for the ready-made coleslaw in the refrigerated section. These often contain up to eight sugar cubes, lots of unhealthy

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Healthy recipes: spring rolls with vegetables and tofu

Spring rolls don’t have to be bought ready-made from the cooling shelf. They are very easy and quick to prepare yourself. ingredients 6 spring roll rice sheets 2 leek sticks 6 carrots 2 cloves of garlic 3 spring onions 1 small chilli pepper 250g plain tofu sesame oil soy sauce

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Healthy recipes: original spelled pasta with chickpeas

This unusual and simple rural dish satisfies with its creamy texture and sweetness. It looks rustic, especially when the onions and carrots are steamed. Not only is it quick to prepare, it is also healthy and perfect when you need it fast. ingredients 450 g original spelled pasta of your

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Healthy Recipes: Breakfast Garden Omelette

For breakfast, you can also have a healthy omelet. Prepared well, it is certainly tasty for the whole family. This superfood omelet contains many vegetables that are detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, hormone and nutrient rich. Not only is it very quick to prepare, but the fine ingredients make it very healthy. The

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Healthy Recipes: Healthy Gingerbread without Sugar

This healthy gingerbread without sugar will delight you. It not only tastes very good, but is also baked with few ingredients and in a short time. In addition to the fine scents of cinnamon, fir branches or incense – one must not be missing at Christmas, the smell of gingerbread.

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Healthy recipes: Flourless chocolate cake

Grandmother’s chocolate cake. Who doesn’t love him? We show you how you can bake the popular chocolate cake without flour and it is still moist and delicious. Ingredients 50g coconut oil 60g almond butter 160g rice syrup 300g kidney beans 50g cocoa 2 tbsp coconut flakes 1 pinch of sea

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Healthy Recipes: Golden Milk with Turmeric

Golden Milk with turmeric (also known as “Turmeric Latte”) tastes delicious and is also very healthy. It warms the body and is the perfect drink for the cooler days of the year. Here you can learn how to make Golden Milk yourself and why it is so healthy. Golden Milk

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