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Healthy recipes: Chickpea Turmeric Pasta with Broccoli

If you love pasta, you’re guaranteed to love our healthy Chickpea Turmeric Pasta with Broccoli. The special thing about this recipe is the roasted chickpeas. They provide protein, texture, and a brilliant roasted flavor. The contained turmeric makes this pasta dish a real superfood. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family

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Healthy Recipes: Broccoli Oatmeal Patties

These broccoli oatmeal patties are not only quick to make, but they are also rich in many healthy nutrients. You can enjoy them warm, but also cold and they are ideal as a snack, side dish, lunch or dinner. Did you know that broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables?

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Healthy Recipes: Lentils with Herbs and Brown Rice

What actually is a Lentilnese? Well, that makes sense – a vegan version of the Bolognese – with lentils instead of meat. Lentils are a real asset and should not be missing in any healthy kitchen. Did you know that lentils are real food for the nerves? Their B vitamins

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Healthy Recipes: Brown Rice with Tofu and Broccoli

If you are engaged in healthy cooking – want to create an alkaline environment in your body, then you can’t get around these three ingredients. They are real health all-rounders and belong on a healthy and balanced menu. Broccoli contains a lot of chlorophyll, which helps to keep the blood

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Healthy Recipes: Baked Trout

Fish can be on your menu at least once a week. Due to their high protein content in combination with the low fat content and the high-quality omega-3 fatty acids, trout are very healthy. They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, A and E. You can enjoy trout with

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Healthy recipes: Japanese-style sauteed vegetables

You can enjoy sautéed vegetables alone – without a side dish – or serve them with wholegrain rice or spelled spaghetti. But it is also ideal as a vegetable side dish at a cozy barbecue evening with family and friends. There are no limits to your own imagination. The vegetables

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Healthy recipes: Delicious sushi nori rolls

Did you know that sushi is traditionally eaten by hand in Japan? Sushi does not originate – as many assume – in Japan, but comes from near the Southeast Asian river Mekong. There, when fishing, the fish was placed in boiled rice, in which it was fermented and thus lasted

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