Healthy Desserts

Healthy Recipes: Make your own Coconut Yogurt

Coconut yogurt is not only healthy, but also tastes very good. Worldwide, only a few people can digest lactose. Vegan dairy products, meanwhile, are considered particularly digestible and offer a healthy alternative to animal products. In the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets, more and more vegan alternatives can be found alongside

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Healthy Recipes: The Perfect Linzertorte

The Linzertorte not only tastes fine, but it also makes the perfect souvenir. Our healthy recipe will inspire you. Did you know that the Linzertorte is considered the oldest known cake in the world? It traditionally comes from Austria and consists of a finely spiced almond short pastry with fruit

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Healthy Recipes: Sweet Rice Cream with Blueberries

Not only on cold winter evenings does the best of all childhood desserts make you feel cozy and warm. Refreshed with berries, sweet rice cream tastes twice as good – no matter what time of year! Mochi rice, also known as sweet rice, originates from Japan and is used there

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Healthy recipes: apple-cinnamon energy balls

This recipe is not only super delicious, but also very easy – with only 3 ingredients – to prepare and full of flavor. Our apple cinnamon energy balls provide energy for body and mind. Whether as a healthy snack in the office or booster for in between – the energy

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Healthy recipes: apple strudel – an autumn treat

The apple strudel is world famous. In our recipe we tell you not only a delicious, but also a healthy version of this classic. Homemade – still slightly warm – apple strudel goes perfectly with a cold autumn day. ingredients For the dough: 300g wholegrain spelled flour 1 pinch of

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Healthy Recipes: Healthy Gingerbread without Sugar

This healthy gingerbread without sugar will delight you. It not only tastes very good, but is also baked with few ingredients and in a short time. In addition to the fine scents of cinnamon, fir branches or incense – one must not be missing at Christmas, the smell of gingerbread.

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Healthy recipes: Flourless chocolate cake

Grandmother’s chocolate cake. Who doesn’t love him? We show you how you can bake the popular chocolate cake without flour and it is still moist and delicious. Ingredients 50g coconut oil 60g almond butter 160g rice syrup 300g kidney beans 50g cocoa 2 tbsp coconut flakes 1 pinch of sea

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