Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Recipes: Breakfast porridge with millet

With this breakfast porridge with millet you can start the day healthy. This recipe is very simple and guaranteed to be a success. In many supermarkets you can find ready-made mixtures for breakfast porridge. These often contain unhealthy additives and a lot of sugar. For a healthy and tasty porridge

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Healthy Recipes: Healthy Crunchy Muesli With Wild Berries

This healthy crunchy muesli with wild berries is guaranteed super quick to make and always works. The selection of conventional crunchy mueslis in the supermarket is huge, but these ready-made products usually contain a lot of industrial sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, and the really good ingredients are usually only

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Healthy Recipes: Porridge – The Healthy All-Rounder

Do you know the wonderful properties that oats offer for your health? Oats is a healthy cereal, it is very rich in nutrients. Oats contains biotin for beautiful skin and hair – vitamins B1 and B6 for strong nerves and balanced psyche – iron and magnesium are also rich in

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Healthy Recipes: Delicious Pancakes without Sugar

For many, pancakes are simply a part of Sunday brunch. We say that you can enjoy this healthy variant not only for breakfast, but also as a snack in between. With this recipe you can easily prepare fluffy and healthy pancakes. You can also vary this simple basic recipe as

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Healthy Recipes: The Holistic Breakfast Stew

Breakfast with a twist. You will love this stew. This stew is the most holistic stew and the healthiest breakfast you’ve ever eaten! This delicious stew is not only healthy and delicious – this stew even has the power to help you detox. All you have to do is take

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Healthy Recipes: Breakfast Garden Omelette

For breakfast, you can also have a healthy omelet. Prepared well, it is certainly tasty for the whole family. This superfood omelet contains many vegetables that are detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, hormone and nutrient rich. Not only is it very quick to prepare, but the fine ingredients make it very healthy. The

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