Real conspiracy versus conspiracy theory

What is the difference between “conspiracy” and “conspiracy theory”?

I can give you a short summary using two examples:

  1. What the “Deep State” – the real political rulers – produce are “conspiracies” against the ruled people.
  2. What the “conspirators” – via their socialist vassals, such as manipulation media and socialist politicians – suggest to their critics, the matrix prisoners, is that they are all “conspiracy theories”.
  3. Anyone who exposes and criticizes the real “conspirators” will be declared a “conspiracy theorist” by the “conspirators” and their vassals.

If someone says you are a conspiracy theorist – ask them back:

  • Do you know what a conspiracy is …
  • Do you know where this term comes from …
  • Do you know who came up with the term conspiracy theory …
  • Do you know a conspiracy theory …
  • Do you know examples from history …

In 1967 the CIA distributed a secret handout to discredit doubters.

Ironically, the “1. April “adorns the CIA document 1035-960 as the date, in which the CIA 1967 introduced the term” Conspiracy Theory “-” Conspiracy Theory “. She was responding to the widespread unease about the official interpretation of the Kennedy assassination. After the presentation of the Warren Report, which was largely influenced by the CIA mastermind Allen Dulles, a wave of books appeared that raised doubts about Oswald’s sole perpetrator among 46% of US citizens at the time. After the shooting at Kennedy, and after the Warren Commission had “identified” Oswald as a lone perpetrator, several reports and books had appeared about it. It was referred to in the media as “Assassination Theories” until Jim Garrison opened the first criminal case on the presidential murder in New Orleans and targeted some of Oswald’s contacts with the CIA. Then the PW / CS (“Psychological Warfare / Clandestine Services”) department of the CIA sent its document 1035-960 to all stations in April 1967 and recommended the use of the term “conspiracy theorist” to discredit doubters. With this instruction, issued exactly 50 years ago, the beginning of a new inquisition can be dated: the term “conspiracy theory”, which had been neutral until then, has become a battlefield in psychological warfare. In order to bring him to the people, the CIA offices were asked to use their “friendly elite contacts” in the media and politics, which then happened successfully.

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Do your own research. Think for yourself and move the issues in your heart.

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