Human saliva contains a pain reliever called opiorphin, which is six times more potent than morphine.

Our human saliva is strong enough to heal pain. When we wake up in the morning with a mouth full of saliva, that saliva can actually act as medicine to treat our body.

Formed in salivary glands, anthropoid saliva is 99.5% water and contains many vital components such as electrolytes, mucus, uncontaminated mixtures (whatever that may be), and several enzymes.

The opirphine compound in our saliva is a pain reliever that is more potent than morphine.

Scientists found this complex fascinating and further research was conducted to prove it.

Scientific tests have been done to prove how pain relieving saliva really is. The result was astonishing, since 1 g opiorphin (saliva) works in the same way as 3 g morphine (morphine).

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Further studies showed that Opiorphin act on the nerve cells of the spine by interrupting the regular destruction of natural, calming opiates, the so-called enkephalins.

The healing purpose of the compound in the human organism requires changing the particles. This is done to avoid the rapid deterioration in the gut and its poor diffusion across the blood-brain barrier. This change is made in the body by converting N-terminal glutamine into pyroglutamate.

This pyroglutamic formula retains the pain relieving properties of opiorphin but with improved medicinal resistance.

Overall, Opiorphin is a pure molecule that can be created and manufactured in large quantities without separating it from the drool. In fact, it can be used to research drugs that produce more such molecules on their own.

You can now imagine how powerful this liquid is in your mouth and what everything it can do to heal the human body.

More about saliva – in the next post: The healing power of saliva.

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