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Understanding health

Anyone who says that the mind is more powerful than the body … which I also believe … should also use this spiritual power to keep the body as healthy as possible. Otherwise this wisdom remains ineffective.

God has gifted us our life and a physical body. Our physical body is made up of flesh and blood, bones, muscles and organs.

So, one after the other:

  1. Our organs are made up of our cells
  2. Our cells are formed by our blood
  3. Our blood is produced by the physical food we eat

Our physical body is food that has been transformed: our food is what produces our blood. Our blood forms our cells. Our cells form our organs.

– and if we work backwards –

Our organs cannot be healthier than the cells that make up the organs. Our cells cannot be healthier than the blood these cells make. Our blood cannot be healthier than the food that our blood makes. Our food cannot be healthier than our consciousness which chooses food.

Now the bridge has been built to help us understand how important our awareness and the will to make the right food choices are for our health.

We are always responsible (mea culpa) for all of our decisions. This is especially true for our spiritual, psychological and physical health.

Reap what we sow

Sick people have a sick consciousness. Otherwise they would be healthy. Healthy people have a healthy consciousness. And that is exactly why they are healthy.

One thing should be clear to us:

We can only reap exactly what we have sown before. So we shouldn’t be asking the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry what can they can do for us. We should be asking ourselves, “What can I do for nature?” Because nature gives me back in harvest exactly that which I have sown into nature in the first place. That is mea culpa.

In summary:

  • Don’t eat anything and you will physically die
  • Eat unhealthy food and you will become physically and spiritually ill
  • Eat healthy food and you will become physically healthy

You don’t have to give up anything. You don’t have to go on a diet. You are allowed to do that. It is a gift from the Great Spirit. You can also use the terms angel or guardian angel. You don’t think so? Do you really think there is even a single moment when the guardian angels are not active? Angels and guardian angels, just like the Great Spirit, are always active.

Freedom is not just about being able to do what we want. True freedom is much more a case of not having to do what we don’t want to do.

The spirit directs the body and not the other way around. Specifically: if you don’t eat anything, you must die (your physical body must die). If that’s your goal, then don’t eat anything from now on. Those who eat unhealthy food get sick. If that’s your goal, then eat unhealthy food. If your goal is health, you know what to do.

Understanding disease

We humans have our own “natural doctor”, called a soul, who correctly understands the warning signals, called symptoms, and who can counterbalance them with our own “natural pharmacy”. All we experience are messages and symptoms. The body is continuously sending messages to the soul, and the soul is continuously sending messages to the body. The whole of life is continuously sending us messages to signal to us which steps are necessary so that we can develop properly and stay on the right path of life. We just have to relearn to understand these messages correctly and we will always know what to do to be in harmony with life.

The question is, how can I see and understand what the message is trying to tell me? We can, of course, buy countless books and read everything that is written in those books. But then we are nothing more than gramophones and have learned it by heart without really understanding it deeply.


But we can also learn it ourselves by asking and answering the following questions:

What symptom am I experiencing right now?

Definition of the symptom, also called “dia-gnosis” (to recognize). Which “warning light” is flashing? On which part of the body are the symptoms occurring and what is the function of this body part? And when I correct this imbalance, yet another miracle occurs: the symptoms go away without any treatment. The symptoms are not the diseases. On the contrary, they show us that we are not yet sick and still function properly and make us aware of our mistakes and deficiencies in good time.

The symptoms are not the disease (s)

Most people believe that if they are experiencing a symptom, then they must be sick. Most people believe this because they have been taught this way since birth in their matrix prison by the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. That is exactly why they have invented a disease name for each symptom.

Symptoms are not disease(s). On the contrary, the body is only sending us a message telling us what we should correct. And that is healthy. And if the symptoms start sending pain, then that’s already the second warning level. We ignored the first warning light, which was still pain-free, and now we can hear the gears creaking. Now we have to pay attention to the symptoms. Even this warning level accompanied by pain is still a loving indication from the Great Spirit. Therefore, we do not have to correct anything, we are allowed to correct everything.

Only when we ignore this warning level, or continue to suppress it with chemical drugs, only then do the symptoms turn into disease. The same applies if we immediately perceive these symptoms as a disease and treat them away with chemical drugs. Then the symptoms turn into disease.

The triggers of disease are viruses, bacteria, inflammation, and so on. But the origin is always a fault in our thinking and our attitude in life. The healthiest thing today is disease – it brings us to our senses!

bauch gesundheit


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I would be happy to help you achieve your goals.

During the initial consultation we will discuss your current state and your individual goals and how you can best achieve them.

For this I will take my time and will bring in my entire medical and naturopathic experience as well as my extensive professional and life experience.

The holistic health consultation is carried out by myself – André Blank – from the beginning to the end.

975.00 $ incl. VAT

How the procedure for the consultation works

After booking on the website, you will receive a link to the Vivoterra login area where you will fill out the medical history questionnaire.

You will then receive a link to the Vivoterra appointment booking portal, where you can select an appointment for our first consultation.

It is necessary to have a webcam for our consultation. Please make sure that you can have a peaceful and undisturbed conversation with me.

If you have decided to discuss your very individual healing path with me, then I will first analyse your symptoms of illness, as holistically as possible, in the tried and tested diagnostic procedure and investigate their triggering causes. This allows me to obtain a comprehensive picture of your current situation and I can use it to put together a holistic therapy concept for you on how you can achieve your healing goals.

60 days after our 1st consultation, you will receive a reminder with a link to the Vivoterra appointment booking portal so that you can make an appointment for our Second office hours. The appointments are sent to you via SMS or e-mail with a reminder function and entered in your e-mail calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar) if you wish.

During the consultation period you will have the opportunity to stay in contact with me via e-mail, and I will evaluate your healing progress - which you will communicate to me - at regular intervals so that we can recognize any necessary adjustments in good time.

You can use the time between the first consulting session and the second consulting session to write down important questions that we can then discuss in the follow-up consultation.

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Book a remote consulting session with André Blank

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That’s what you get!

  1. Basic consultation, first online consultation (max. 45 min.)
  2. Dossier health advice incl. instructions & recipes
  3. Protocol about your healing development (120 days)
  4. Analysis of your healing development
  5. Follow-up consultation, second online consultation (max. 20 min.)
  6. Answering your questions and our further procedure

Payments are made prior to our actual appointment through our secure online store and trusted Payment Service Provider (PSP), which allows you to pay for your session with a credit card, PayPal, or cash in advance.

Legal notices: According to judicial laws it is forbidden to promise healing for third parties or to make decisions on behalf of a third party. Our services are always to be understood as recommendations based on naturopathic expertise. Every decision is always 100% the responsibility of the person seeking help.

* Prices in currencies other than € (Euro) may vary.

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