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This course is UNIQUE!

Here you can learn how you can determine your own life. Someone who does not know the laws of nature, or who disregards them, is very likely to fall ill – be it physically, mentally, or spiritually – and to live in fear and under the control of outside influences. With the knowledge in this course you can free yourself from external determination – and change your condition independently from sick to healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually.

– This is knowledge from the treasure trove of nature’s wisdom –

Start the adventure with us and get to know and understand the forgotten principles of nature and the truth
about health and joie de vivre

What you will learn in this online course

Discover your self-healing power

We humans have our "natural doctor", our soul. Our soul understands these warning signals, these symptoms, better and more correctly than any doctor can and can compensate them with their "natural pharmacy".

Be your OWN creator BEING

For the majority, fantasy is just a figment; in the same way, they fail to understand dreams as actuality. For me, however, fantasy and dreams are actuality. Reality is an external suggestion, and actuality is an auto-suggestion.

Know your beliefs

We humans are beings of creation. With this course you can learn – among many other things –: How do I activate my own creative power so that I can determine my life in every area myself.

Our mission is to be a vital source of knowledge in improving your health, well-being and happiness. And through this process, we are also transforming the world in which we live.

– Become part of this movement –


Learning guidance right from the start

For a quick, safe entry into self-study

You will receive learning instructions together with the first script. This is extremely practical as it helps you to plan your self-study successfully at home.

You can also use it to learn various effective techniques to permanently memorize the contents of the script. Tips and motivations that are also contained ensure successful self-study.

Applicable knowledge

Applicable material for your daily practice

In addition to extensive specialized knowledge, the learning scripts contain numerous practical exercises and applications. In addition, you will find step-by-step programs for the procedure for self-healing and all the questionnaires required for the current state assessment and diagnosis.

For your self-healing, you also get many tables and checklists that you can use in daily practice.

Guaranteed learning success

Effective monitoring of your learning progress

The learning scripts contain tasks for self-assessment according to brain-based learning as well as tasks and exercises for self-reflection.

Also helpful for you are a glossary for the explanation of all technical terms and detailed lists with further literature and website addresses. The documents for the online course also contain findings, images and other illustrative material from practice.


The 13 valuable modules of our course

online kurs selbstheilung bestseller

Module 1: Basics of self-healing

One thing should be clear to us: we can only harvest precisely what we have sown before. So we shouldn’t ask the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry what they can do for me. We should ask ourselves what I can do for nature, because nature returns to me back exactly what I have sown in it before.

modul 2 die bedeutung der ernaehrung


Everything is nutrition, and nutrition is everything! Our food makes up our blood. Our blood makes up our cells. Our cells make up our organs. And backward:
Our organs cannot be healthier than the cells that make up the organs. Our cells cannot be healthier than the blood that forms them. Our blood cannot be healthier than the food that forms our blood. Our food cannot be healthier than our consciousness that chooses the food.

modul 3 ernaehrungsphysiologie


If we understand how our bodies work, we can understand which foods to avoid and which foods to consume more of. In this module you will learn everything about metabolism, blood sugar regulation, the glycemic index, macronutrients such as fats,  proteins, micronutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, fiber, ferments and enzymes, secondary plant compounds, natural knowledge, water and salt.

modul 4 die praesenz des immunsystems


We have to process everything that we allow in our bodies. It makes sense to allow only healthy products to enter our bodies and exploit as much of them as possible to receive healthy benefits. If we allow poisons to enter our bodies, we can be very relieved when they leave them undamaged. We cannot block something.

modul 6 inyologie die detailiierte lehre von yin und yang


InYology is a magical compass needed to understand the Laws of Nature and the order of the universe. Those who understand InYology understand the natural laws of life. InYology is the surest compass to properly understand the laws of how life works. Someone who knows the laws of nature can live in harmony with nature and that signifies trust, health, freedom, and love. Someone who does not know the laws of nature, or who disregards them, is very likely to fall ill – be it physically, mentally, or spiritually – and to live in fear and under the control of outside influences. People who understand the InYology, can independently change their condition from sick to healthy – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do you know a greater gift? There is really no greater gift! We can only harvest what we have sown before. I think understanding the Laws of Nature is one of the fundamentals of understanding life.

modul 5 saeuren und basen


In this module you will learn everything about acids and alkalines. We must clearly distinguish between the original state of food before digestion and the actual state after digestion. It is important for the organism whether a food is acid-forming or alkaline-forming and not the acid or alkaline content before digestion. This is real nature knowledge! No disease can survive in an alkaline milieu. Unfortunately, neither the system media nor our schools or universities have taught or teach this knowledge. In general terms, no real nature knowledge is taught as a part of matrix knowledge. Although the solution is so simple.

modul 7 die macht des bewusstseins


In this module you will learn – among many other things: How do I activate my own creative power so that I can determine my life in every area myself. We “are” infinite consciousness. That statement is too imprecise and I need to correct it. The choice of words has to be very precise so that the teaching is correct. What is correct: we all “have” infinite consciousness. So, why do I correct this word? I correct it, because we are more than consciousness and more than the sum of its parts. In this earth-world, we are body, soul, and mind. In the spiritual world, we live without a physical body. There we are mind and soul – or consciousness with a spiritual soul-body.

modul 8 matrix versus natur wissen


In this module you will learn very different examples of how and where manipulation takes place. You learn which techniques of manipulation are used and how you can expose them. There are at least two types of knowledge. The “nature knowledge” and the “matrix knowledge”. Knowledge of nature is reserved for the self-proclaimed “elites” – the rulers. The matrix knowledge is for the ruled, the lower classes, or “human-cattle” as Henry Kissinger called them. Because real knowledge means freedom, independence, and power.

modul 9 natuerliche rhetorik erkennen


If you are a good rhetorician, you can convince people, give speeches, the audience will gladly follow you and your content will stay in people’s minds – both standing in front of an audience at a presentation, this is called monological, and in conversation and negotiation. This is called dialogical. Why do we need a strong rhetoric for self-healing? The correct answer is: strong rhetoric is good for our self-confidence, When we study rhetoric, we recognize manipulation from the outside much better. To be manipulated is to be poisoned. There is either external manipulation or self-determination. Choose for yourself!

modul 10 natuerliche rhetorik


What is natural rhetoric? For me, natural means, belonging to nature, describing facts occurring in nature, not artificially copied by humans, resulting from the laws of nature, corresponding to the model in reality. Is criticism also part of natural rhetoric? Yes – very clearly. We have to distinguish between criticism and defamation. Criticism is aimed at the cause, defamation at people. Criticism is based on arguments, defamation works with a defamation vocabulary. It makes a difference whether criticism is constructive – helping – or destructive – destroying. Bad rhetoric poisons – good rhetoric detoxifies and helps pointing the right way.

modul 11 der 5 bereiche plan zur selbstheilung


If you go to the doctor with the attitude that your doctor (the “exterior world”) will make you healthy again, it will not work. Nobody can heal you from the outside. Nobody can heal you on your behalf. I support you so that your self-healing powers can be reactivated and work. As an honest practitioner, I show you how to heal yourself and not how to suppress or blend out your symptoms. In this module you will learn how you can develop yourself towards holistic health with the 5-area plan.

modul 12 dein entgiftungsplan


In this module you will learn how to detoxify independently, correctly and cyclically. We are exposed to such levels of environmental toxins nowadays that we have no chance of avoiding them. That is why it is so important to detox the body regularly. The worse the poisoning, the more effective the detox? Not more effective. But it then shows up even more intense in the detoxification reaction.If you decide to detox (body, soul and spirit) then you should do it correctly and with the appropriate knowledge.

modul 13 relaxing taiso


Purification and strengthening of body, soul and spirit. Relaxing-Taiso is a concept developed by André Blank with the most effective strengthening, relaxation and energizing exercises, that understand body, soul and mind as one unit. By learning the exercises you will be able to apply what you have learned step by step. Cleansing and strengthening body, soul and spirit is at the same time healing of body, soul and spirit. How important is physical training for self-healing? Very important!


Beginner course

Try 3 out of 13 Modules
$ 59,-
  • Modules 1 and 2 of the course
    to try out with no obligation
  • 37 lessons to try out
    (incl. 17 lessons of module 3)
  • Multiple choice test questions after each lesson as in the complete course.
  • No support, No certificate


The complete course
$ 347,-
  • All 13 modules with over 130 lessons
  • Multiple choice test questions after each lesson
  • Healing progress log
  • Health log
  • Weight loss and gain protocol
  • Well over 2 hours of exclusive video material
  • 13 "Wise Stories" audio books
  • Bonus material (detox plans, checklists, food pyramid, recipes, and more).

All Inclusive

The course incl. the valuable InYology book
$ 447,-
  • The bestselling online course
    + The valuable InYology book by André Blank
  • Course and book at an exclusive special price
  • Hard cover book for $ 0 / $ 139
  • all inclusive course

Frequently asked questions about the course

We do not offer payment by installments for the online course. If you have a PayPal account, then you can arrange an installment plan there if necessary. Please check this in your PayPal account.


This depends on your payment method. If you pay via credit card or PayPal, you can start the online course immediately.

After you have completed the booking and payment, you will automatically receive the login details for the online course from us via e-mail.

If you pay in advance, we will send you your login details as soon as we have received your payment.

It depends on how much time you devote to this online course. There are no time restrictions. Modules or lessons do not have to be completed in specified times, but can be studied at any time and any place.

On average, our students need 3-4 months to complete the course.

We usually answer questions within 24 hours – even on weekends.

Yes, at the end of the course you will receive a certificate after passing the final exam.

Structure of your curriculum

The online course is designed in a way that by learning the exercises you will be able to apply everything – step by step.

  • Balanced Health
  • A chance to think
  • What does self-healing mean?
  • The will to self-healing
  • The seven main conditions of health
  • What is disease?
  • Understanding disease better
  • The cause of disease(s)
  • The development of disease(s)
  • The progressive development of physical symptoms
  • Self-healing therapy concept
  • Bonus material
  • Everything is nutrition and nutrition is everything!
  • Primary nutrition and secondary nutrition
  • Man is transformed nutrition
  • Poor quality food makes addicted to eating
  • Forms of Diet
  • Mitochondria
  • Nutrition: components and recommendations
  • The importance of chewing
  • The seven stages of eating
  • Bonus material
  • Energy requirement and body mass assessment
  • Metabolism
  • Nutrients
  • Macronutrients
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Glycemic index
  • Be careful with the glycemic index
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Micronutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Fiber
  • Ferments or enzymes
  • Phytochemicals
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Bonus material
  • Homeostasis
  • Immune system
  • Weakened organs contribute to immune deficiency
  • Who protects us from poisons?
  • Fever is a symptom of healing
  • David versus Goliath
  • Bonus material
  • InYology – Basics I
  • InYology – Basics II
  • InYology – Basics III
  • Bonus material
  • Basics of acids and alkalines
  • Formation of acids
  • Formation of alkalines
  • Acid-alkaline and our blood
  • Acid-alkaline and chewing
  • Acid-alkaline and sugar
  • Causes of chronic acidosis
  • How acids and alkalines are determined in food
  • K:Na levels in food
  • Acid-alkaline and fatigue
  • Acid-alkaline and the mentality
  • Bonus material
  • Realms of conscioucsness
  • How consciousness develops
  • Judgement
  • Consciousness creates matter
  • The power of consciousness
  • Unity of body, soul and mind
  • Understand body, soul and mind in more depth
  • Pains
  • True trust and relaxation
  • Self-healing through the power of thoughts
  • The seven stages of judgement
  • Bonus material
  • Matrix knowledge versus nature knowledge
  • Freeing from the matrix
  • Externally-controlled beliefs
  • Terminology and rhetoric
  • Verbal language and non-verbal language
  • Bonus material
  • Basics of rhetoric
  • Questioning technique
  • Basics
  • Response Techniques
  • Alterocentering Technique
  • Argumentation
  • Arguing
  • Pitfalls
  • Forms of argumentation
  • Pseudo Arguments
  • Weak rhetoric
  • Bonus material
  • Belonging to nature
  • Balancing the question
  • Conducting conversations
  • Rhetorical Aikido
  • Clearing the board
  • How we perceive something
  • Persuasiveness and credibility
  • How to avoid manipulation
  • Variations in dealing with questions
  • Checklist – Words that we can replace
  • Bonus material
  • The 5-area plan for holistic health
  • Mea-Culpa (self-responsibility) – accept and understand
  • Leave out unhealthy things (removal) – immediately and radically
  • Detoxification (draining & cleaning) – at intervals, cyclically
  • Proper nutrition (building & strengthening) – long-term and permanent
  • Movement (activation & conditioning) – regularly and continuously
  • Bonus material
  • Detox Cycle 1: Lemon-juice cure
  • Detox Cycle 2: Chlorella treatment
  • Detox Cycle 3: Sulfur cure
  • Detox Cycle 4: Oil pulling cure
  • Your vital substance plan
  • What promotes your healing
  • The optimal diet
  • Selection (shopping list), preparation and consumption
  • Your holistic permanently healthy nutrition plan
  • Bonus material
  • Purification and strengthening of body, soul and spirit
  • The universal energy QI
  • The meridians
  • The energy centers and the meridians
  • Makko-Ho meridian stretching exercises
  • Let QI flow
  • KI-AI
  • Shinrin-Yoku (Forest bathing with all your senses)
  • Kotodama – The Spirit of Words
  • Correct breathing
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Bonus material

Your path to self-healing


We teach you holistic and health for body, soul and mind. Start with us on the adventure of health and get to know and understand the forgotten principles of nature and the truth about nutrition and joie de vivre.

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Learn the most important things about anatomy, physiology and pathology. Discover holistic health teachings, naturopathy, InYology® – the detailed teaching of Yin and Yang, the 5-QI transformation and much more.



Become your own holistic health expert. We give you the step-by-step training and all the tools you need to reclaim your own health. Make your health a matter close to your heart so that you can lead a life of peace and gratitude.

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Learn about our unique physiology, learn how to avoid toxins and how to successfully eliminate and detoxify toxins that are already present.

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Primarily it is attitude and thinking (unveiling judgment) that we need to change. We are always personally responsible for all our decisions. This is especially true for our spiritual, psychological and physical health.

image 3


Massive illusions that keep you trapped in the matrix. At least two types of knowledge exist. The nature knowledge and matrix knowledge. Nature knowledge is reserved for the self-proclaimed elites or leaders. These ruling elites received their nature knowledge from way masters. Unfortunately, they then abused it for selfish purposes, however. Matrix knowledge was developed for the lower classes or herd animals. This is because real knowledge means freedom, independence, and power.

image 4


Everyone “fabricates” themselves – because we are creator beings. Everything happens to you according to your faith.

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Start now with the online course!

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