GMO glyphosate corporations and the expropriation of farmers

More than a hundred Nobel Prize winners have written an open letter on the genetic engineering debate. In doing so, they are head-on against the environmental protection organization Greenpeace. The letter is addressed to all governments in the world and to the UN. So I ask you – how can

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The fluoride lie and systematic poisoning

Water does not always only mean life, but increasingly also death. Especially when the WHO’s request (in cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry) for global fluoridation of drinking water becomes a reality. It’s bad enough that you brush your teeth with this rat poison and ingest it with food. Studies show

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Primary food and secondary food

Just as the human being as a whole living being consists of a physical body (called body) and a spiritual body (called soul) and a spiritual body (called consciousness), every living being consists of these three parts. But every living being on a different and species-appropriate level of development. We

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Healthy breast milk with amazing healing power

There is nothing better for infants than breast milk, and there is a scientific consensus on this. But what a young mom from the USA has experienced now, the researchers find no explanation for this. Breast milk reacts to sick baby It was on a night in February when Mallory

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Aspartame (E951) a Monsanto-Bayer product

Aspartame (E951) is simply renamed and re-marketed as the “natural” sweetener AminoSweet Aspartame has been one of the most controversial food additives for years. The official message is that the additive is safe for consumption. Regulators often make the greatest effort to ignore the negative results that have emerged from

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The satanic carcinogen glyphosate

I look at the hands of a farm worker on a soy plantation in Argentina who uses genetically modified seeds and glyposate. His nails are burned after nine years of work, he also has non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. I look into the face of a little boy whose parents

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Nightshade or night damage plants?

Tobacco, angel’s trumpet and thorn apple – the Solanaceae family of nightshades comprises more than 2800 species, which are characterized primarily by their natural poison content. In addition to these inedible and highly toxic representatives, some of our common vegetables also belong to this plant family. What are the best

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Ginger: The healthy healing properties of the miracle tuber

Ginger, the hot tuber, is one of the most powerful natural remedies for many disease(s), and can be used in various ways. There is new research showing that ginger is as good as turmeric. Ginger is not only more effective than the chemical cancer drugs used to kill cancer disease(s),

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Traditional Japanese Kukicha green tea

SenchaJapanese green tea Nothing is drunk more in Japan than green tea. Nothing has changed in over 1500 years, but culture and lifestyle have changed a lot. There are 3-4 tea harvests per year from April to September. The time of harvest depends on the respective region and the local

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