The onion – A healthy bulb with healing properties

The onion is a species of the leek genus. Apart from the occasional wilderness, the kitchen onion only exists as a cultivated plant in human care. No wild populations are known, nor has any other wild allium species been identified as a direct ancestor. As long as the origin is

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Is green tea really healthier than coffee?

Unlike black tea, green tea is not oxidized, but heated or roasted after picking to prevent this from happening. This way the leaves keep their fresh green color and the tea keeps all of its healthy ingredients. Afterwards it only needs to be rolled and it is ready for your

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“Eat half” versus “Eat right”

You eat what you are. That’s right. You are what you eat. That is also correct. Both “sayings” are true – and do not contradict each other.I want to translate these “sayings” for you. The spirit – your consciousness – directs your physical body. Only in a sick human being

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Good reasons for cooking our food – Part 2

Effects of cooking on fats We ought to know that butter should not be heated above 120 °C (248 °F), and vegetable oils generally should not be heated above 170 °C (338 °F). Coconut oil can even be heated up to 200 °C (392 °F). Hard fats that are indigestible

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Why I do not recommend 100% raw food

The raw food diet consists of unheated, mostly meatless foods. It is consumed mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals and honey, also milk and dairy products. Raw food vegans reject grains on the grounds that grains will congest the body with mucous. Raw food vegans believe that heating food destroys important

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Fruits and vegetables full of toxic pesticides

Lots of pesticide residues: be careful with these varieties “Organic vegetables and fruits do not have more vitamins and nutrients than conventional products and are therefore not healthier” – many critics argue like this or similar. And even if organic contains fewer traces of pesticides – there is still a

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Acid-base and the quality of your thoughts

An acidic state inhibits nerve activity and an alkaline state stimulates it. Those whose blood condition is alkaline can think and act (decide) well. On the other hand, someone whose blood condition is acidic may not think well or act quickly, clearly, or decisively. This is another reason why it

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Tuna Mercury and Healthy Alternatives

More and more mercury in tuna Heavy metal contamination of Pacific fish is increasing 3.8 percent annually In addition to microplastics, toxic mercury in particular accumulates in tuna meat. This comes from industrial pollution of the seas. The side effects of mercury poisoning include various symptoms of cognitive impairment, coordination

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