Understand the presence of your immune system

According to my thorough observation, people whose natural immunity is weakened and who are susceptible to the activity of viruses and bacteria all have the same general dietary tendencies, which are: You consume a large amount of sweet things, including foods that contain sugar, chocolate, honey, and chemical sweeteners. You

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The rapid corona virus attack

The corona virus attack Since the bogus money – with its interest robbery system – is now collapsing, this “corona virus” comes like a “scapegoat gift” for the financial criminals in the Deep State. For healthy people with a healthy immune system, this COVID-19 virus does not have to be

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The real reasons for cell proliferation – also called cancer

Expressed in general terms, the cause of cancer is based on the accumulation of living conditions that have exerted pathogenic effects on the body’s cells. From this point of view, the cause of cancer is the poor functioning of the respiratory system within the cells, which ends in the cell’s

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How to activate your happiness hormones

Our body produces six different happiness hormones: serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins, phenethylamine and oxytocin. Serotonin Serotonin takes part in processes in the central nervous system and affects our pain perception, sleep and sexual behavior and our emotional state. Especially when the days get longer and lighter again, the happiness hormone

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Book title: The secrets of health - for body, soul and spirit

Acids and Bases: The Dynamic Equilibrium

An unhealthy diet and pollution make us weaker, and I too do not dispute that. But what really leads to disease are thoughts and emotions in the lower frequencies – the nocebo attitude. The nocebo attitude renders our body environment acidic and attacks our weak points. The human body is

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How important is the calf muscle pump?

What is the muscle pump? The muscle pump is important for transporting venous blood back to the heart. It is – especially in the legs – the driving force for the venous part of the blood circulation. Whenever we tense our muscles, they squeeze the veins running between them and

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The amphetamine Ritalin works in the brain like cocaine

Slang for methylphenidate. Scene names: Kiddy Coke, cocaine for the poor, rids, ritas, smarties. The amphetamine methylphenidate, better known under the trade name Ritalin, works in the brain like cocaine – only more slowly. According to US psychiatrists, the delayed onset of action not only explains why Ritalin is not

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Beloved and unhealthy black tea

Black tea is drunk all over the world. The tea-caffeine-containing drink is characterized by a slightly bitter taste. The tea leaves of the black tea are fermented in contrast to the green tea. Black tea appears again and again in connection with health issues. The enigmatic substance class of thearubigens,

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