Healthy recipes: porridge – the healthy all-rounder

Do you know the wonderful properties that oats have for your health? Oats are a healthy grain, they are very nutritious. Oats contain biotin for beautiful skin and hair – vitamins B1 and B6 for strong nerves and a balanced psyche – iron and magnesium are also rich in oats. It is one of the best fiber combinations and a very good source of silicon – which is important for bone health. You should keep this in mind when preparing oats. Most people eat it uncooked in their muesli in the morning. Oats are a type of grain, and like any grain, oats should be cooked.


  • 150 g oatmeal
  • 150 ml plant milk (coconut, rice, oats …)
  • 1 tbsp rice syrup
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • 1 handful of raisins
  • applesauce
  • cinnamon

Step 1
Put the vegetable milk, oatmeal, rice syrup and raisins in a small saucepan or pan. Depending on the desired sweetness, more or less rice syrup can be used.

step 2
Add a pinch of sea salt – bring to the boil briefly – stir again and again.

step 3
At the lowest setting you let it simmer for 20 minutes. If you like it more liquid, add a little more vegetable milk.

Step 4
Spread the porridge on the desired number of bowls / people and decorate / refine it with applesauce and cinnamon.


  • Tip 1: You can also refine porridge with fresh fruit or berries – just as you like.
    Tip 2: do you prefer it hearty? Then refine your porridge with Gomashio . You can also find the recipe on Vivoterra Kitchen .
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