Healthy recipes: Homemade Gomasio

Gomasio , Gomashio (jap. 胡麻 塩 or ご ま 塩, from goma “Sesame” and shio “Salt”).
Gomasio can easily be made by yourself. The common ratio of sesame to salt is 14: 1; those who love it low in salt can also increase the sesame content. The sesame seeds are lightly roasted, then ground or rolled and mixed with the sea salt. Gomasio is used to flavor salads, soups, spreads and cereal dishes or enjoyed on a piece of original spelled bread.

It should not be cooked with, but rather sprinkled over the finished meal. The sesame seeds contained in the Gomasio are an important source of calcium: two tablespoons provide as much calcium as a glass of milk.

Preparation of Gomasio:

It should be made carefully and accurately.

Step 1
Roast the sesame seeds in a preheated iron pan on a low to medium flame for about 20 minutes until the sesame seeds turn slightly brown. Be careful as the seeds will burn easily. You need to keep stirring with a wooden spoon and shaking the pan from time to time. When the seeds begin to burst, the heat is too great. Try to crush a seed between your thumb and fourth finger. If it breaks easily, the seed is done. If not, keep roasting.

At the same time, you roast the sea salt for 15 minutes on maximum flame in a cast or iron pan. Roast the salt until the strong odor (caused by the chloride yin) is gone. There are several reasons for roasting the salt. The moisture will evaporate during the roasting process. The salt becomes more yang and can combine well with the oil (yin) that comes out of the seed. Law of nature: (Yin attracts Yang and Yang attracts Yin. Yin repels Yin. Yang repels Yang.)

step 2
Pour the sesame seeds and sea salt into the suribachi.

step 3
Slowly grind both ingredients together. The whole art of Gomasio production lies in this grinding process. It is best to watch an experienced person do this. (It is virtually impossible to properly make gomasio without using a suribachi with surikogi. Good gomasio definitely cannot be made in a coffee grinder. Sit upright in a chair. Place the suribachi on your lap. Grasp the suribachi in your left hand. You hold the surikogi with your right hand with your thumb on top. Do not use a lot of force and above all, do not put a lot of pressure on the surikogi. (we don’t try to make sesame paste “tahini”). In particular, your movements should be horizontal. Stir in circles that get bigger and smaller, in other words, stir in a spiral. From the outside yin to the inside yang. Don’t stir too quickly – try to grind meditatively and calmly. Preferably with beautiful, clear and calm thoughts. In other words – give the Gomasio your best energy. Do not grind the seeds too hard; each seed should be roughly half crushed. Do not crush all the seeds; it is sufficient if about 80% of the seeds have been ground.

Really good gomasio doesn’t have a strong salty taste.


Purpose of the Gomasio:

The purpose of the Gomasio is to enable the body to absorb small amounts of salt without creating excessive thirst. In this particular preparation, all grains of salt are coated with a thin layer of oil. That’s why Gomasio doesn’t really taste salty. Some people make gomasio by mixing 25 parts of sesame seeds with 1 part of salt. This may be a tasty condiment, but it can’t really be called gomasio as it contains almost no salt at all.

Effects of Gomasio:

Gomasio will neutralize acids in the blood and thereby relieve tiredness. Gomasio nourishes and strengthens the nervous system, especially the autonomic nervous system. Gomasio creates a stable and correct balance of yin and yang elements in the body and thereby increases the natural defenses.


The daily use of Gomasio strengthens the organism and helps prevent diseases. Eat a small teaspoon sprinkled over grain, once or twice a day.

Medical application:

Use this Gomasioart for headache, nausea, nausea, balance disorders, menstrual pain or toothache. You can eat the Gomasio pure, or take it with some tea, or dissolve it in a little Bancha.

The ratio of the two components depends first and foremost on its intended use.

Gomashio is not a simple spice. Gomasio made correctly can be used as a valuable remedy.

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