GMO Monsanto Glyphosate Wheat Products

In some countries, flour bleaching is legal. Flour remains slightly yellow even after sieving out because it contains xanthophylls; Bleaching is done with chlorine dioxide or nitrogen compounds that convert methionine to methionine sulfamide, which is toxic and can cause damage to the central nervous system.

Dibenzoyl peroxide is sometimes added in amounts of 4 to 20 g per ton, which releases benzoic acid, which is supposed to stabilize the bacterial flora.

In some countries, emulsifiers are permitted in bread production, such as lecithin in amounts of up to 2g / kg, or mono- and diglycerides in amounts of 10g / kg, or esters of citric, lactic or tartaric acid.

At this point I would like to remind you that instead of using existing excess fat such as butter, people in industry prefer to produce fats synthetically, on the basis of glycerine, which comes directly from the distillation of crude oil!

Likewise, ascorbic acid is used in amounts of 50 milligrams / kg as an antioxidant and propionic acid or its salts in amounts up to 3g / kg for mold prevention.

You will understand that one is far from the formula “flour + water + salt”, that such bread does not deserve its name and has to disappear from our table.

Commercial white bread has many disadvantages:

It can be called indigestible because it puffs up to 10 times its volume in the stomach if it has not been chewed enough – which is practically always the case.

It causes gas and constipation. It is unbalanced in terms of the composition of minerals and vitamins.

It causes hemogliasis: a disease that kills tens of thousands of people each year and is growing rapidly. Consumers are affected by a lot of white bread and refined grains such as pasta, etc. The disease is characterized by disorders in the starch and, above all, gluten metabolism. It manifests itself in a thickening of the blood, which slows down the circulation and the individual cell is undersupplied with oxygen.

The symptoms are as follows: headache in the neck area;

  • Memory loss;
  • Drowsiness after meals;
  • Decrease in sexual desire;
  • Thyroid derailments
  • brief spells of dizziness, which in the United States is believed to be the cause of numerous otherwise inexplicable car accidents

The treatment is very simple:

Omit white bread and refined grains or replace them with their respective whole grain counterparts for full healing. If white bread is then eaten again, the symptoms of hemogliase reappear. We must not forget that the same causes under the same circumstances always have the same results.

Since amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements can no longer be found in a balanced composition in white bread, humans instinctively look for them in meat. Hence the sharp increase in meat consumption over the past fifty years; At the same time, there was an increase in diseases caused by the purines and fats in meat, i.e. diseases of the coronary arteries including heart attack, cerebral infarction, gout, etc.

White bread contains fewer protein compounds than whole grain bread, so it is particularly unbalanced with regard to the glutamic acid content, and Dr. Lenglet confirms that this inadequacy is one of the main causes of arthritis in its numerous manifestations, including the often chronic rheumatism. The main cause of these phenomena is that the glutathione is not renewed in the body.

Gluten and gliadin

Gluten is a protein mixture that, depending on the type of grain, contains different proline-rich protein fractions (prolamins), against whose antigen structure people with a tendency to gluten intolerance form specific antibodies. The hybrid wheat has been continuously bred since the 1970s and contains 60% more gluten than original wheat such as kamut, emmer or spelled.

Gliadin – wheat is addictive

Dr. William Davis, cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly , is convinced that wheat makes us dependent, so dependent that this genetically modified grain (hybrid wheat full of glyphosate), as consumed in large quantities in the western world today, controls our thoughts and behavior. We find it in breakfast cereals, bread and rolls, baked goods, pasta and proportionally in various processed products.

Wheat products are supposed to manipulate our body in such a way that after a short time we get the desire for more, ie another roll, another biscuit … Because the dull feeling that many feel after eating wheat suggests us to recharge our energy. By which? More wheat!

In the event that you consume wheat products on a daily basis, do the self-experiment and skip grains for a few days. Most likely, you will experience solid withdrawal symptoms. (especially severe fatigue, brain fog, mood disorders, depression).

Wheat – gliadins are appetizing opioids

The appetite stimulating effect of wheat is released by the already mentioned gliadins. These proteins (prolamins) in wheat gluten have outgrown genetic research in the 1970s and have been continuously modified since then in order to increase yields.

Today we know that gliadins are broken down into exorphins in the intestinal tract and take effect on the opioid receptors in the brain. This fusion creates a strong feeling of hunger that we have to give in to. Insatiable hunger and food addiction can result.

Only a few changes in the amino acid composition were sufficient to make wheat an appetite stimulant and fattening food. Studies have shown that the consumption of wheat products increases the daily calorie intake by an average of 440 kcal.

When it comes to gliadins, you are also doing yourself a disservice with whole grain wheat. The wheat dilemma remains the same. It is not without reason that many “freshly baked” whole foods gain weight as a result of increased grain consumption, despite their supposedly healthy diet.

Apart from their appetite-stimulating addictive potential, including possible diseases (e.g. diabetes), gliadins, as allergens, can trigger the genetic celiac disease. In this allergic-autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation of the small intestinal mucosa occurs. But also mental disorders are said to increase gliadins.

Awareness creates freedom from fear!

Be aware that there is no scarcity of resources at all – more than 20Mia people around the world could be cared for, healthy and happy, free living. This, for example, artificially produced food shortage only serves the profits of large corporations. Every year megatons of grain are simply eaten away under tarpaulins and left to rot!

The big industrialists and the pharmaceutical companies should finally stop destroying nature unnecessarily. But a stick in the ass does not replace a backbone!

When the farmer forgets the earth on which his existence is based and only has his profit in mind, when the consumer can no longer distinguish between living food and food that only fills the stomach, when officials look down on the farmers and industrialists look down on nature exploit, the result will be sickness and early death. Nature is so loving as to warn humanity over and over again for acting so rashly, but many too often ignore these warnings.

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