The Truth About Geoengineering and Chemtrails

You probably also believe that the weather cannot be manipulated? You think so even though the weather often changes several times a day compared to the past? That is global warming due to climate change, is that what is taught in schools? Yes is taught that way.

The correct answer is: The weather has been manipulated for years.
Hospital emergency rooms are reporting more and more patients with bizarre upper respiratory infections. However, it does not seem to be a virus. They report that it is a “mysterious” flu and that no flu vaccine is effective. Aluminum, barium and strontium in highly dangerous chemical compounds fall on large parts of humanity every day. Chemtrails are a central part of the weather manipulation, which one would like to sell to us as “saving” the climate, but behind which there is something completely different. Although the evidence is becoming more visible every day directly above our heads and the skyrocketing number of lung and respiratory diseases in western countries cannot be dismissed out of hand, most people do not even want to consider the possibility that our skies are systematically poisoning with chemical cocktails becomes.

As early as 1946 General Electric had the first attempts to influence the weather carried out, whereby the so-called “cloud inoculation” was discovered for the purpose of generating rain using silver dust (silver iodide). From 1967 onwards, the US Air Force used this environmental warfare method to cause, for example, large floods along the hostile Vietnamese supply routes and released the dioxin-contaminated defoliant “Agent Orange” as an aerosol. Because of these weather and environmental weapon applications, some were named for outlaw as early as 1977 in Appendix 2 of the UN, ENMOD convention for the limitation of environmental wars: For several years, so-called “geoengineeering” has been used as a remedy for man-made, which is also very controversial among scientists Global warming is propagated, which also includes aerosol spraying by airplanes, which are supposed to reflect part of the solar radiation back into space for the purpose of cooling. Normal contrails can only form from altitudes above 7,500 m, at least 70% humidity and less than minus 40 degrees Celsius from the exhaust particles from, for example, jet engines. The particles act as seed cores for ice crystals growing on them.

These contrails (contrails) usually dissolve within seconds to minutes. Aerosol sprays (chemtrails) contain, in addition to the partially dangerous and carcinogenic chemical additives already contained in aircraft fuels (JP8 + 110), other chemicals, metal dusts, polymers, etc.

Depending on their composition, chemtrails have a much denser, more reflective appearance, can remain in the sky for hours, sometimes form bulges like an octopus arm and, when they flow together, cover the whole sky with an artificial white layer, the “white skys” named in the 2001 IPCC report . The solar radiation spectrum can also be changed for UV radiation attenuation (Solar Radiation Management). There are a number of other chemtrail areas of application, especially in conjunction with powerful microwave transmission systems such as the US ionospheric heater HAARP in Gakona / Alaska. Atmospheric areas made conductive by metal dust can be created, for example, with reflective layers, which in turn can be used for various radar applications such as OTH (over the horizon) or three-dimensional battlefield radar. Although the application of chemtrails is officially contested, it has been used in the USA since the 1990s as part of Edward Teller’s geoengineering program in the NYT title as a “parasol for the earth” using aerosol applications of aluminum dust to reflect the sun’s rays back propagated and officially described as effective by the IPCC in 2001. Years ago, in the chemtrail fallout, increased aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese and titanium values etc. in nanoparticle size as well as polymers and other mixtures of substances were measured, which have drastic negative health effects.

Various respiratory diseases, irritation of the mucous membranes, allergic reactions, flu-like infections, balance, memory and word finding disorders, headaches etc. have been confirmed by doctors internationally (e.g. Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Dahlke, Dr. Junge etc.). In the United States, upper respiratory diseases have jumped from eighth to third in the cause of death. The US hospital admissions are full of bizarre upper respiratory infections. This mysterious “flu” epidemic, which according to the doctor Dr. Horowitz has appeared since the end of 1998 / beginning of 1999 is not the flu, because people do not have a fever, which should occur if it was bacterial or viral, and this disease with the symptoms of sinus congestion and discharge, cough, tiredness, general malaise , Languor and exhaustion would last for weeks to months.

The U.S. Forces Research Institute of Pathology has registered a patent for a pathogenic mycoplasma that is causing the epidemic. Under the YouTube search term “Dr. Boy to chemtrails “the Oldenburg general practitioner confirmed to me in an interview in 2005 some of the health effects of the chemtrail fallout on his patients.

There is a new disease on the WHO list, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which the World Health Organization says will be the third leading cause of death in 2020. The WHO estimates that there will be billions of victims in the next 60 years! In view of the health hazard posed by fine dusts, aircraft-induced aerosols have not been discussed so far. NTV called COPD a new, unknown widespread disease. This is due to fine dust and toxins in the air.

In summary, what are the main reasons for chemtrails?
The darkening of the light, making it sick and also spiritually corresponding. Vitamin D deficiency is also targeted in other ways. For example by scare you of the sun and sun blockers.

  1. Change to an artificial world (geoengineering in the narrower sense) with patents from Monsanto and Co. also plays an important role. A large, up-and-coming industrial sector is also officially expected.
  2. Weather manipulation is also clear, possibly associated with HAARP. But the devils are very versatile and smartly calculating, they try to exploit every detail.
  3. What is even less researched is the interplay of different types of manipulation by radiation and the corresponding role of aluminum in humans. Whether this increases the reception of certain rays.

I don’t mean the individual cases of radiation bombardment, but in the end these are just attempts to be able to use something over a large area.

But why do they do that? Do you want to disturb the connection upwards – by laying a layer of veil over the sky? That’s just one of the options. For me, the connection to the angelic beings – and above all to the Great Spirit – does not happen “upwards”.

These “above and below” are just “physical” matrix orientations. If you believe that, chemtrails can actually cut the connection “upwards”. I don’t think so, that’s why they can never cut my connection to the Great Spirit even with chemtrails.

Who is the manufacturer and supplier for the chemtrails?
It is the same manufacturer who manufactured and supplied the defoliant Agent Orange during the war of aggression, which was contrary to international law – Monsanto. Monsanto was bought by Bayer for 63 billion. US dollars accepted. Bayer wants to delete the name Monsanto. I can see why.

Its chemicals were used as a weapon in the Vietnam War. The American chemical company Monsanto is now supplying the Vietnamese agricultural industry with substances that are similar to those from back then. It can hardly be more perfidious.

The largest manufacturer of Agent Orange was the American chemical company Monsanto. One could well imagine that Vietnam no longer wants to have anything to do with a company that has brought so much misery to the country. But the opposite is the case.

In 2014, Vietnam approved the import of genetically modified Monsanto maize seeds with the designation GA 21. Maize varieties modified in this way result in toxic agrochemicals. These include glyphosate, a key ingredient in some broad spectrum herbicides. It’s also in the Monsanto herbicide bestseller Roundup. Since the Monsanto maize absolutely needs Roundup, the herbicide is also used in Vietnam.

The United States used the poison in Colombia, Afghanistan and other countries as a chemical warfare agent. It was sprayed on drug growing areas. Wake up people know that glyphosate is the orange agent of our time. The chronic intake of glyphosate – also via chemtrails – makes all people, animals and plants sick and damages the genetic make-up.

In small Switzerland alone, with a population of around 8,500,000 as of 2017, around 120 herbicide products that contain glyphosate are approved today. More than 300 tons of it are sprayed annually in small Switzerland, in agriculture and in private gardens. These are just the official numbers. We can only guess what is also being sprayed across the sky via chemtrails. Are you still okay? Do they want to poison us? Yes. When will the miserable, lying political actors be chased out of their offices!

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