Genderism – gender madness and feminism

Genderism is seen as an ideology that claims that there are no biological genders, but that the genders are educated. Everyone can freely choose which gender they want. That’s part of feminism.

The term was established from 1975, among others, by the sexologist John Money and the feminist Gayle Rubin, further developed by the feminist Judith Butler and later adopted into German in order to make a linguistically expanded distinction between legal matters, as was previously the case in the Anglo-American cultural area to introduce social and biological sex. Anglicism Gender In this context, in the German-speaking world, it is mostly translated as “social gender” and is used, among other things, for analytical categorization. Corresponding approaches have recently been summarized in the research field of gender studies (“gender studies”, “gender research”).

From the perspective of genderism, “gender mainstreaming” is “a cultural revolution and perversion of the international gay and lesbian organizations to create the new gender man”, which is being enforced with all their might by the UN, the EU and the state. Resistance is being switched off more and more and internationally criminalized as “homophobia”. The decision made by the German government in 1999 to view gender mainstreaming as a consistent “guiding principle and cross-cutting task” is seen and criticized in this context. The subject “Gender Studies” is taught at almost all universities, the “gender ideology” had already “penetrated the curricula of schools and kindergartens” in 2008. It is assumed that its “social-revolutionary core” is the “sexualization of children and adolescents through state sex education”. The imputed “attempt by the state to change the gender identity of children and young people through education and training” is branded as “illegitimate abuse of state power”.

Equality policy

Under the guise of equality policy, attempts are being made to dissolve gender identity. The focus is on the assertion that it is part of the human right to freedom to choose one’s own gender and sexual orientation freely, whether he wants to be man or woman, heterosexual or transsexual. Gender means the “social” gender, sex the “biological”. This view contradicts “the” scientific knowledge of biology, neurology and psychology about the natural sex difference between men and women. The view is primarily economically oriented and aims at “destroying the nucleus of society”. The ideology accelerates the demographic crisis and cultural decline. More and more funds are being made available for this purpose.

TV advertising showing women doing housework should be banned because this work is “degrading”. Genderism Opponents complain that “the gender policy” leads to massive discrimination against men and traditional families.

“Gender mainstreaming” is a “political strategy of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), many governments and global organizations” to destroy families.

The subject “Gender Studies” is “firmly established” at universities and increasingly demands ideological support from today’s generation of young academics.

Goal: “Destroying the nucleus of society” – the family

Gender mainstreaming aims at the destruction of the family, which is the nucleus of society and is founded on the basis of man and woman in marriage, as well as the willingness of parents to raise their children as father and mother to be responsible and productive people .

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