Free yourself from the Matrix Prison

The best way to get rid of the impact the Matrix has on your self-perception is to meditate. The calmer you become, the more you will see with your heart.

Create art. Meditate. Find your soul. Study philosophy. Learn to think for yourself. Research independently. Follow your dreams, your heart and your passion. Read books by true masters, read articles from blogs and websites that will give you new perspectives. Recognize yourself. Do things that make you feel alive. When you discover yourself, you will begin to see through the veil of delusion and are no longer mentally or spiritually enslaved in the Matrix or its ideologies. Unveil your judgment.

Don’t let the Matrix hold you prisoner anymore.

He who does not know the truth is just ignorant. But whoever knows it and calls it a lie is a criminal.

A lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie.

There is an important difference between a human being unknowing and a human being ignorant. There is also a difference whether a human does not know the truth or whether he knows it and denies it. He who does not know the truth is just ignorant. But whoever knows the truth and calls it a lie is a deceiver.

The truth need not fear the lie. Shadows don’t extinguish the sun either.

InYology - The detailed teaching of Yin and Yang

InYology is a magical compass to understand the laws of nature and the order in the universe.

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