Forced vaccination via nanoparticles into the lungs

A new trick of the pharmaceutical cartels – smuggle vaccines into your body via nanoparticles via your lungs!

Vaccinations are usually given by injection, which many people find uncomfortable. Immunization by syringe also requires a certain logistical effort, since it places high demands on sterility and can only be carried out by medically trained personnel. For a long time, researchers have therefore been looking for ways to vaccinate “needle-free”.

“Since nerve endings and blood vessels are missing here, the application is painless and could be an alternative to needles and syringes,” said associate professor Dr. Julia Engert, Ludwig Maximilians University, at the annual meeting of the Society for Dermopharmacy in Munich.

With a new applicator, a vaccine powder with particle sizes of 20 to 80 µm with a sufficiently high antigen load can be accelerated to supersonic speed, according to the pharmaceutical technologist. For the project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the company PyroGlobe developed a pyrotechnically operated applicator. The vaccine particles are applied to a membrane of the applicator with the help of oily adjuvants in such a way that they are only torn off when the applicator is triggered.

Engert compared the achievable speeds: “A cheetah runs around 25 m / sec, an A380 aircraft around 265 m / sec. With our applicator up to 650 m / sec can be achieved «. Tests on excised pig skin have shown that the particles break through the stratum corneum and actually arrive in the epidermis.

The technologist presented an in vivo study with pigs. For this purpose, the liquid influenza vaccine Pandemrix ® concentrated, formulated with additives and dried via collapse freeze-drying. The collapsed lyophilizates were cryo-milled. The working group checked the antigenicity of the vaccine on anesthetized piglets that were H1N1 negative. The animals received two doses either by intramuscular injection or with the pyrotechnic applicator.

Blood samples from the animals were collected at various times and the antigen-specific antibody titers were determined. “About a quarter of the EPI dose reached the piglet epidermis,” reported Engert. Measurable anti-H1N1 antibody titers were found on day 28. The next steps are to increase the loading dose and extend the observation period.

So this is the pharmaceutical cartels’ new trick to “vaccinate” as many people as possible
You let yourself be poisoned with highly toxic substances

Contents of vaccines
VERO cells, cells from monkey kidneys, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, aluminum sulfate, mercury, formaldehyde, thimerosal (mercury), antibiotics, phenoxyethanol, ethanol.

So they want to force vaccinate us with this farmer’s trick
They already do that via chemtrails. Yes, the chemtrails by airplanes are forcibly administered to us. The chemtrails by spray can “still” give each other voluntarily.
That is the biggest difference.

I can tell immediately whether someone has really been vaccinated or whether they have not been vaccinated! As? If he is sick like Jens Spahn, then yes, if he is healthy like me, then no!

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