Corona measures – only to protect your health

All of this is only to protect your health!

That is why we – the GOVERNMENT – promote the following: extremely unhealthy food, toxic vaccines, baby food with extremely high levels of sugar, fluoride toothpaste, mass animal torture meat, dairy products en masse, GMO hybrid wheat, glyphosate in the fields , Uranium ammunition to bomb the Arab countries back to the “Stone Age” (which never existed), 5G (they cook you with microwaves), Fakenews to keep people in pure fear, globalization, for the economy to destroy so that they can build a Chinese, communist system in which you have to live on 2 *dollars* a day.

They sell you unhealthy cosmetics, such as sunscreen, through advertising. You are supposed to use it on your skin because the sun is said to make cancer cells in your body. This means that your body can absorb even less vitamin D3 and you will get sick even faster. The sun is poisonous. Put a plant in the basement and see what happens to it. She becomes depressed and dies. So what? They say you should put some sunscreen on yourself to keep your body from making cancer cells – and at the same time they are promoting coca cola and chocolate so your body will make cancer cells. They care about your health, for sure! Then they tell you that the right dose of vitamin D3 (5000 to 10,000 IU daily with magnesium and 200 μg of vitamin K2) is dangerous and can cause death. For sure? Show me a single case where a person died from a D3 overdose. The same applies to nicotine, which is considered a remedy in naturopathy. Show me a single case in which someone reportedly died of a nicotine overdose. You won’t find one. These are fakenews to keep people afraid.

Since we – the GOVERNMENTS – now know (we have known for a very long time that we can manipulate people), so now that we know, people obey us like cadavers (cadaver obedience), like a trained dog (I love dogs, nothing against Dogs) we’re not telling people that they all have immune systems, and that viruses don’t exist in the form we’ve told them all their lives. Nor are we telling people how to really regain their health by leaving out everything that is unhealthy. Does it make sense to leave out everything that is unhealthy (rule number 2 in my health plan)? Everyone agrees, yes it makes sense to leave out everything that is unhealthy.

Haven’t you understood yet? It’s really just ABOUT YOUR HEALTH here. The media don’t lie, they don’t manipulate to the point of vomiting. The media didn’t lie to you about 911, and they don’t lie now. And no, there is no Agenda 21 and everything happens arbitrarily. There are no chemtrails and no uranium ammunition. Oh, and Barry Soetoro aka Barack Otowo Hussein Obama received a noble award for his noble deeds. Which? He goes down in history as the president who commanded the most bombs: over 190,000 drone bombs, uranium ammunition. So uranium contaminated, so that his Muslim brothers and sisters in faith give birth to their children crippled for the next few decades. Uranium is highly toxic. You still do not understand? They care about your health.

But Trump is an asshole. Why? Quite simply because he ended all the wars of his predecessors. No war with Russia, no war with North Korea, the soldiers withdrew from Syria, the satanic uranium deal – sorry, Iran deal – stopped. But Trump is a racist. Why? Simply because he created the deepest black and Hispanic unemployment in US history. Because he has created more jobs for blacks and lifted them out of poverty than any president before him. But Trump is stupid. Why? Simply because he said you should inject formaldehyde into your body. Was he really saying that, or was it a question? Why does he ask that? Simply because he’s stupid. And then he asked: What is a main ingredient in vaccines? Formaldehyde. So is this actually being injected into the body? Yes. Aha. But the media have now all shot at stupid Trump, even though these media are all pro-vaccines and pro-masks and pro-wars. That’s why they are called Warmonger Media. The Americans say: “Never Bullshit a Bullshitter.”

And now – finally get it – the self-proclaimed elite and their puppets, the politicians, are concerned with nothing other than YOUR WELL-BEING AND YOUR HEALTH! And if you contradict, you are a splitter.

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