GMO glyphosate corporations and the expropriation of farmers

More than a hundred Nobel Prize winners have written an open letter on the genetic engineering debate. In doing so, they are head-on against the environmental protection organization Greenpeace. The letter is addressed to all governments in the world and to the UN. So I ask you – how can

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The healing effect of your saliva

Saliva is one of the oldest and most powerful remedies. Injured or wounded animals instinctively lick the painful area. People, too, immediately stick their fingers in their mouths after slapping their thumbs or cutting their fingers and covering it with saliva. The saliva of dogs has a disinfectant effect. When

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A true declaration of love to all fathers

A man needs other men, especially older men, who bless him, who honor him, who encourage him, who point out his mistakes and accompany him on his way. Time and again we are told that we live in a man’s world. But the statistics on men’s health, happiness, and life

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Is a Fever Harmful or Useful for Healing?

No matter what the cost, almost always everyone involved soon agrees that “the fever must be lowered”. If the drop in temperature were really useful, the logical inner mind wouldn’t produce a fever. The well-intentioned calf compresses are certainly a lesser evil than the administration of antipyretic, antipyretic drugs. The

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The chronic fatigue syndrome is also called chronic fatigue syndrome or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It is characterized by a permanent state of exhaustion with an accompanying feeling of illness. The paralyzing physical and mental exhaustion leads to reduced performance and physical complaints, ranging from headaches to sleep disorders and

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Mitochondria – the cells’ power plants

Mitochondria – the cells’ power stations – are small cell organelles that are responsible, among other things, for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the energy carrier that all our cells need to function properly. This energy, called adenosine triphosphate or ATP, is used to support every function

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Sleeping on your left side is healthy

According to traditional naturopathy, sleeping on the left side is better for digestion, for the back and even for our heart. 1. Let your lymphatic system swallow waste In addition to the blood circulation, our lymphatic system is the most important transport system in the body. Lymphs carry nutrients such

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The fluoride lie and systematic poisoning

Water does not always only mean life, but increasingly also death. Especially when the WHO’s request (in cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry) for global fluoridation of drinking water becomes a reality. It’s bad enough that you brush your teeth with this rat poison and ingest it with food. Studies show

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Primary food and secondary food

Just as the human being as a whole living being consists of a physical body (called body) and a spiritual body (called soul) and a spiritual body (called consciousness), every living being consists of these three parts. But every living being on a different and species-appropriate level of development. We

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