Genetic engineering: the risks and the consequences

Genetic engineering or genetic engineering is the targeted use of technical means at the molecular level in order to use the genetic information of microorganisms, plant, animal or human tissue in the sense of anthropocentric goals. When organisms are genetically manipulated, the chemical basis of the genetic information of cells

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Well chewed is half digested – the importance of chewing!

The digestive process begins with the movements of the sun, the earth, and other celestial bodies that provide the power and light so that our food can grow and be filled with QI or life energy. Careful cultivation, harvest, storage, traditional processing and cooking also influence the energy and nutritional

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Is honey a healthy alternative to table sugar?

Honey is considered a healthy, natural alternative to table sugar. However, if you take a closer look, you quickly realize that the myth that honey is a healthy alternative to table sugar can be quickly exposed. Vitamins and minerals are only contained in tiny amounts and are irrelevant for meeting

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Sick awareness – sick food – sick people

Industrial processed foods and foods Industrially processed foods no longer “live” and are at most just food – so it is more like “dead food” or “dead food” because it no longer has any nutritional value. Caution is therefore advised with industrially processed foods. The food industry has long recognized

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Umami – the fifth quality of the sense of taste

UMAMI – SWEET, SOUR, SALTY, BITTER … Umami (“Meaty and hearty, tasty”) is considered to be the fifth quality of the sense of taste alongside sweet, sour, salty and bitter. It is the name for a full-bodied taste. The umami taste is caused by the amino acid glutamic acid, which

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We can tell from the strong scent that apple cider vinegar contains many biologically active compounds and substances that give it the ability to kill and eliminate germs and bacteria that are unhealthy for our organism. Apple cider vinegar can offer you amazing benefits if used correctly. Apple cider vinegar

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The health benefits of meditation

As humans, we possess a consciousness with free potential and the ability to change by adapting to our natural environment. Whether we are aware of this or not. In life we face many difficulties, challenges, and disappointments. At such times, meditation can help us regain direction and harmony in our

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The decline in health of the individual

The following figures represent a statistical cross-section worldwide of the current biological and social decline in modern society. They are taken from recent reports from the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and other national medical and public health organizations. The list has to be updated continuously – it

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The cress – another wonder herb of nature

Watercress has a blood-purifying effect, aids digestion, stimulates the kidneys and the entire glandular system and contains a lot of vitamins A, C and D, bitter substances (increase gastric and bile secretion and thus stimulate appetite and promote digestion) and minerals. Another ingredient in watercress is the hot mustard oil

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