The “conventional medicine” is a purely symptomatic medicine, which gets its knowledge from “scientific studies” and only combats the symptoms. To do this, she primarily uses chemically produced drugs. The “empirical medicine” – also called “natural medicine” – uses means from nature as a medicine. Whether a drug is made

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Why people fail in their dietary changes

There are several factors that hinder the smooth implementation of a diet and lifestyle that are promising health: No gratitude People who are ungrateful often make comments like these: “Why do I have to eat this brown rice? And why do I have to eat these bland root vegetables?” or,

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Why bad thoughts constrict you

Sick people mostly deal with their physical ills continuously. With that, however, they hold onto it, because the illness repeatedly receives spiritual and emotional affection and “nourishment”. That’s the worst mistake. When life revolves so fundamentally around the number one issue, illness, that state of mind syncs with just bad

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Normopathy – the pathological lackluster adaptation

With “normopathy” is meant an adjustment of a majority of people in a society to an undesirable development, to pathogenic psychosocial behavior, the disorder of which is no longer recognized and accepted because a majority thinks and acts in this way. And what the majority represents cannot be wrong Question:In

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Understand the principle of natural rhetoric

We are in the information age. The level of revelations has increased massively over the past decade. Most of it is properly documented, and thanks to the Internet, everyone can check everything for themselves and acquire knowledge on their own. Anyone looking for information via the free media has now

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Acid-base and the quality of your thoughts

An acidic state inhibits nerve activity and an alkaline state stimulates it. Those whose blood condition is alkaline can think and act (decide) well. On the other hand, someone whose blood condition is acidic may not think well or act quickly, clearly, or decisively. This is another reason why it

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Hormone-active substances can trigger early puberty

The starting signal for the beginning of puberty is given by the hypothalamus. Its cells release the hormone gonadotropin. This stimulates the pituitary gland to release the hormones FSH and LH (follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone), which are responsible for the production of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. These

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Avoid Xenoestrogens – A Guide For Men

Estrogen deficiency unlikely An estrogen deficiency is extremely rare! What many do not know: estrogens can be produced in almost every cell in our body. The body can basically produce estrogen from testosterone through an enzyme called aromatase. This makes it difficult to get into an estrogen deficiency even for

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