What is a true sensei (path master)?

The Japanese term sensei denotes the “previously born” and is in everyday language a respectful form of address for every teacher in Budō, a title that can be used from a certain level of development. The term is also used for other high ranks (e.g. professor, doctor, master, etc.). What

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Mushotoku – Without striving for personal gain

In Japanese, Mushotoku means “not wanting to attain anything, not having a goal”. This is the essence of Zen of Master Dogen and all the patriarchs. What does mushotoku mean? Mushotoku is a concept found in Zen teachings. It means: Without striving for personal gain. Doing the best you can

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Illustration: The inexhaustible QI source

The principles of letting QI flow

“From the ‘nothing’, ‘QI’ was born as a unique energy. This in turn gave birth to the great Yin and the great Yang.” This is what the ancient Taoist masters say. What is QI? QI, which can also be described as flowing life force, is present everywhere in nature, in

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Macrobiotics – Philosophy, Nutrition & Medicinal Cuisine

Macrobiotics translated from ancient Greek means great life. The macrobiotic diet is based on the common sense inherent in humans and on an intuitive understanding of the relationship between the environment and human life. It is also based on a perception of balance and dynamic harmony between the opposing and

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yin and yang picture

Yin and Yang – explained by the expert

Yin and Yang (Chinese陰陽/阴阳, Pinyin yīn yáng ) are two terms used in Chinese philosophy, especially Daoism. Yin represents centrifugal force, expansion. Yang represents the centripetal force, the contraction. If you understand this tenet, you can deduce everything else from it and understand inYology. It is also one of the

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Understand the presence of your immune system

Based on my thorough observations, I can safely say that people whose natural immunity is weakened and who are susceptible to the activity of “viruses” and bacteria all have the same general nutritional tendencies, which are as follows: All 8 points fall into the category of extreme Yin food. I

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Thanks to my father and path master

My father Erwin Blank is also my path master and mentor, who taught me everything. Without him I could never have found and walked this path. With him I went through the school of “no”, through which every inner student (Uchi-Deshi) goes. The school of “no” means always thinking for

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The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything

The microbe is nothing – the milieu is everything

The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything. Of course, this sentence is not true. The microbe ain’t nothing – but the harmful microbe cannot cause any damage in the basic milieu. The tissue milieu has such a dominant position that it determines disease or health. In 1912, the French

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